I stood outside in the pouring rain as I wait for Ashton to come pick me up from the movie theater. The cold rain soaking through my polka dotted shirt, and skinny jeans. My hair clung to my face as tears mixed with the rain water. Ashton was right. Zayden had been a good for nothing asshole, who literally, left me on the corner crying.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, I saw Ashton climb out of a car, and hurry towards me, taking off his hoodie and wrapping it around my shoulders, then pulling me close and holding me tight as we stood out in the rain and cried. Ashton mutters profanities under his breathe as I, finally, choke out what happened. He helps me to the car, then climbs in; turning the heat on to warm me up.

"So he just.... left you?" He asks, astounded. I nod, and wipe away another tear. This wasn't the first time I had been stood up, but it was the first time I caught my date making out with a worker at the theater, then have him dump me out on the street as he takes her back to his place.

"You were right," I say quietly. "I should have listened to you."

Ashton pulls over onto the side of the road and turns to face me, wiping away another tear with his hand.

"Listen to me. That son of a bitch isn't worth crying over. Save your tears for if a fish dies, not for some sorry loser who couldn't see what amazing girl is in front of him," he stops for a second and looks at me, sympathy in his eyes. "He's not worth it," he says before giving me another hug, then driving the rest of the way back to my apartment.


The whole way home was filled with my sniffles, an occasional cough from the cold, and Ashton threatening a guy he had only met once. After what seemed like forever, Ash finally parked the car in my driveway, and I hurriedly rush into the house only to let out a scream that attracted Ashton to my side in seconds.

Before me stood my small living room, under several feet of water. The rain had soaked through a weak spot in the roof, flooding my entire home. And the rain wouldn't stop. I look around in horror, and wade through the, now small lake, trying to grab anything not ruined. I managed to grab a single picture of my family before my parents died and my sister went missing, and my favorite blanket before they were damaged. Ashton found a necklace and a pillow, but everything else was ruined. My clothes had shrunk from the temperature of the water, my appliances were all water logged and some even lost under the water. My kitten, Cassie, had drown. My chairs, couch, and bed all were ruined from the water and now unstable, and my mother's wedding dress shrunk and water damaged.

I sob as I look around my house, the place I used to live, now completely ruined and gone. Expenses to pay for the repairs would guaranteed be too much. I, Keira Mayberry, was homeless.

Ashton read the expression on my face, and wrapped a protective arm around me, guiding me from the over flowing house to his car, then back to the hotel were the boys were staying. He had sent a text to them saying he couldn't make it to the rest of practice, and disappeared into his room, before returning with a pile of clothes.

"Go shower and put these on. You'll feel better," he promised. I nod my head, take the clothes, and head to the shower

Forty-five minutes later I came out wearing Ashtons clothes. He offered me some hot chocolate he had made while I was in the shower, but I refused and lay down on the couch. Soon the fatigue that usually followed crying washed over me, and I was fast asleep on the couch in a suite, in my friends clothes, and not in my own home.

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