Waking up to Ashton is an adventure itself. One day he is all cute and cuddled up next to you, his hair slightly in his face, and his breath on your neck. The next day, however, he's snore sounds like an orgy of barnyard animals, he is half on the bed and half off, and his morning breath is the smell of Satan himself. I'm not complaining though, he puts up with my morning breath and messy hair.

Today when my eyes eventually opened, Ash was not in the room like he normally was. Thinking he had gotten up already and gone to watch tv, I trudge to the kitchen and fix myself a bowl of Lucky Charms. On the fridge is a note.

Late night recording session. Back by 10. Love you xx-Ash

Glancing at the clock on my phone it read almost noon. Looking at the note and seeing Ashton is two hours late, I figured he went back to the hotel with the boys. I go to the living room where Samantha is reading a book in the chair and turn on my favorite pass time; soap operas.

Just as I yelled to the main character to suck someone else's dick, the guy was already taken, Ashton barged in grinning from ear to ear.

"Morning beautiful," he says smirking. "And Keira," he jokes and kisses me before holding a thing behind his back

"Morning," I say cautiously. "What's behind your back?"

"Okay before I explain that, please don't get mad for A.) Being late and B.) Who I brought over." He says happily.

"Okay?" I say confused. "I promise I won't get mad?"

"Okay good cause the boys and o felt sorry for her and the baby, well babies, and just-" Ashton rambles,but I cut him off.

"Just show me," I roll my eyes.

From outside you could hear Luke comforting some girl,promising she will be a great mother. My first thought was Teagan. They slept together not more than three nights ago, she couldn't have know if she was pregnant or not already. But nothing prepared me for what came next.

Taylor Price, the girl who Zayden left me at the theater for, came in the door teary eyed and very pregnant.

"See?"Luke says kindly towards Taylor. "None of us are judging you."

"Oh my God!" Sam squeals and goes over to Taylor, immediately bombarding her with questions.

I know it isn't right to feel hate, but at this moment there is nothing I hated more than Zayden Breez. The guy who I had liked for roughly a year before working up the courage to say anything. He had left me, taken the boys to court, and now he had gotten the girl he left me for pregnant, and from the looks of it, did not intend on helping much.

Deep in thought I twisted the bracelet Ashton had gotten me as Kitty Pury ran through the living room chasing a moth.

"Keira?" Calum asks looking over at me. "Everything alright?"

I nod, turning my attention to my boyfriend.

"What are you hiding behind you back?" I ask again monotonous. He breaks into his infamous grin and pulls out a cd from behind his back.

"It is the first copy of Sounds Good Feels Good, oh my goodness I'm so happy! We are releasing the album in a month and I'm like oh my spaghetti," he rambles as all the boys nod enthusiastically.

"Also," Michael pipes up. "We are going on tour in a week or two. It's really short notice, but it's like a little mini tour where we just stop a couple places before going back to Australia and release the album there."

I turn to face Ashton.

"Australia? Tour?" I ask,missing something.

"Yeah, you can come along too, but Calum snores a lot."

I look at the curly haired boy and sigh, pulling him into my room I shared with him.

"Ashton," I start. "I can't tour with you..."

He looks shocked at me. "But why? I mean it would be so cool showing you all the places."

"I graduate in a couple months from college, I can't just up and leave. At least not now... And it's so short notice."

"Actually," he looks down. "We have known for a month and a half, I just wanted to surprise you with the idea."

"I love you, Ash, but you can't just spring this on me right now. Please try to understand. We can talk more later if you want when there isn't a house full of people," I offer him a small smile.

After a moment of hesitation, he nods and walks from the room.

"So what is it suppose to be?" Sam asks curiously to Taylor.

"Two girls," she answers quickly.

"Twins?" Michael asks.

"No,Michael. She is having triplets," Samantha rolls her eyes at her boyfriend.

"But she said two girls," he says furrowing his eyebrow in confusion.

"Michael, honey," I butt in before my cousin can confuse him even more. "She is having twins."

The guitarist looks between Taylor and Samantha confused, but shrugs and goes to grab a can of Mountain Dew.

"Hey, can we not talk about me anymore?" Taylor asks timidly and self concious as Luke starts to ask ten tons of questions.

"Of course," I smile reassuringly. "We should watch a movie."

"We should watch Monsters Inc.!" Luke yells and fist pumps the air, hitting the ceiling and clutches his hand. "Ow," he groans and falls onto the couch dramatically.

Ashton raises an eyebrow at the singer before rolling his eyes and pulling me close to his side. "Let's watch Wall-e" he says excitedly. We all agree and the movie begins to start.

"We need popcorn," Michael says,momentarily distracted from Samantha's hair.

"Great, Keira and I will make it," Ashton says and pulls me into the kitchen before I can object.

"Ashton, I don't wanna miss the start of the movie...," I whine as he goes over and looks at me.

"Can we talk now?" He asks quietly. "I really want to know why you can't come with me on tour." I sigh but nod and look up at him.

"Ashton, I only have a little over one month until I graduate, I can't just leave now. Trust me, I'd much rather be on tour with you than at home studying for the final exam," I say carefully explaining.

Ashton looks down then back up at me and he nods."Okay. I don't want you to not get your degree...," he says and walks back into the living room without the popcorn.

I blow my hair out of my eyes and start to pop some popcorn.

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