Five years in the future


"Come on Daddy!" Alyssa whines and tugs at her father's hand. I grin down at my daughter and grab my purse and some extra change.

"I'm coming, I'm coming," Ashton chuckles and swoops up four year old Alyssa into his arms and grabs my hand. "Where is it we are going again?" He jokes and looks to his daughter.

"Uncle Lukey with Auntie Tee and the baby and Taylor and, and," Alyssa starts rambling, barely breathing in between each word.

"Okay breathe!" I laugh and lock up the door to our apartment as we begin our way to Luke's apartment for Thanksgiving.

Even after several hours of trying to explain the whole thanksgiving concept and why it's important to Americans, the boys still didn't get it. Though,they were willing to celebrate it anyways, but only for the turkey and cranberry sauce.

"Honey, why of all shirts must you wear this one?" I say and poke my husband in his side.

"Cause purple shirt is fleek!" Alyssa yells at the top of her lungs, no doubt having been told by her dad to say that. I roll my eyes and hum as Alyssa runs ahead slightly.

"Stay where Momma and Daddy can see you!" Ashton calls and places a kiss on my forehead.

Ten minutes into the fifteen minute walk to Luke's, Alyssa yells for us to hurry because there is a sad man. Naturally, Ash and I both hurry to where our daughter is yelling about a strange man.

"Any change?" A familiar voice says weakly before gasping. "Keira?"

"Momma, who is he?" Alyssa asks curiously.

"Zayden," Ashton spits out and yanks Alyssa away from him into his arms. At the same time wrapping a protective arm around me as if he were to guard me from whatever Zayden wanted to do.

"Who's that?" Alyssa asks innocently enough. Before Ashton can swear or say something stupid, I jump in.

"A man who caused a lot of drama...," I say and turn to Zayden. I examine the cup with little change clinking inside and reach into my pocket, pulling out a five dollar bill. I gently place the bill into the cup and turn to walk away, Ashton yelling protests at me.

"What'd you do that?" He demands, running a hand through his hair.

"Because I felt sorry for him... here I am, with everything I need and more... and he's begging for change. So I helped him," I say simply. "You can't live in the past forever, Ash..." with that I enter the building where Luke and Teagan live and press the elevator button of their floor.

The whole way to their apartment Ashton whined and complained about how worthless Zayden was, but I just ignored him. Until we got to the door, and Alyssa ran inside. Then I turned to my husband.

"Ashton, I love you and always will. But you have to stop living in the past and get over what happened with Zayden." Ashton sighs and looks down at me kissing me once.

"I just can't believe he ever let you go. You're amazing...," he blushes. I grin at my husband and shove him playfully.

"Come on Irwin, no chickflick moments," I say as is enter into Luke's apartment were my best friends and family are all gathered around the table playing cards and pretending that Alyssa is a fairy.

No matter what Zayden did in the past didn't matter now because I had the whole world... and he had nothing.

Sup guys! Had to give this little closure thing because I felt like the book wasn't finished yet... so Keira got her revenge finally, because Zayden is a hoe.  Tell me what you guys thought about the story. I love you all!

Bye for the last time of this book for real this time...*cries*


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