Seeing Keira hurt like that was like taking a knife to the heart. Zayden left her out in the pouring rain, with tears in her eyes. I am no date expert, but that seems like a nightmare of a first date.

I sigh as I sit at the table, texting the boys I will no be back at practice, and watch as Keira sleeps on the couch in my clothes. Somebody needed to teach Zayden a lesson, and it would be most effective if it came from Keira, but unfortunately she was too nice. So I took matters into my own hands. I text my band mates and tell them to meet me outside the hotel ASAP, and that it was urgent.

Until they arrive I decided it would be best to eat some breakfast, seeing as I may be gone possibly the whole day. I get up, head to the kitchen, and start make me some toast with Vegemite.

"You called us?" Luke asks, the boys obviously been up all night trying to write a new song, but had no success.

"Yeah." I begin "I need your help with something"

"Well mind telling us why Kara is on our couch, in your clothes first?" Michael questions

"Zayden ditched her last night." I say, grabbing several pieces of paper, and a pen to begin planning "Then last night when it was raining her house got flooded and everything got ruined. Remind me to stop at the pet store" I add.

Luke raises an eyebrow "Is Kay Kay alright?" He asks, worry in his voice.

"Just upset. That's what I need help with. We are getting revenge." I say, and stand up, handing each of them a piece of paper. "I'll explain on the way I say, and pull them out of the hotel, leaving a note for Keira saying 'Running errands! xx-Ash'


"Are you sure this will work?" Mikey asks, a hint of excitement in his voice.

"No" I admit "But it's worth a try" The boys nod as Luke pulls up to Zayden's large apartment.

We get out and quickly grab our baseball bats. Sneaking over to his silver with red interior Bentley.

"Ready?" Calum asks, excitedly. I nod, and we begin to smash his car, causing the alarm to go off.

I break the headlight, Luke dents the back bumper, Mikey taking the windshield, and Calum beats the door.

"What the hell?" A voice comes from behind me, and I turn to see Zayden Breez in a robe, and fancy ass pajamas. Rich kid I think to myself.

"What are you doing?!" He asks, pissed beyond belief.

"Wrecking your car" Luke says in a duh tone. The neighbors coming out now, and a neighbor pulls out his phone, dialing the police.

"Why the hell would you do such a thing? Do I even know you?!" He yells.

"Yeah. I'm Ashton Irwin, and these are my friends, Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, and Calum Hood. And we are friends with Keira Mayberry, you know. The one you left out in the rain yesterday. And I decided you a total douche bag, and you need you need to be taken down a couple levels." I say as calmly as I can. Zayden's vein in his neck begins to bulge.

"Shit" Calum grumbles as the police show up, and begin questioning Zayden.

A rotund police man walks over, chewing a toothpick. "Mr. Irwin, I'm afraid you and your friends will be coming with me for vandalism." He says, as his co-workers come up and place handcuffs on us before stuffing us in the cop car, and driving to the station.

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