"Keira, please tell me where we're going," Michael whines again as we drive along a highway.

"Now Mikey," Elana smirks "Where's the fun in that?"

Elana-Rose, Keira, Michael, Calum, and I were all packed into the back of Keira's car. Sam, Teagan, and the other two boys were meeting us at the destination.

I look over at Keira as she drove and a stupid grin spreads across my face.

"What are you looking at Mr. Ashton?" She raises an eyebrow and glances my way as she pulls off onto a dirt road.

"I'm looking at Miss. Keira" I chuckle as she rolls her eyes.

"I'm going to throw up," Elana-Rose gags from the backseat,pulling away from Calum for a moment.

"Ew! Not in my mouth!" Cal squeals and pushes her into Michael. Michael, Elana, and Calum all start arguing in the backseat as I drum loudly in beat with Green Day on the radio.

"Why do I associate with you people?" Keira mutters as we pull up along side a river with music blasting and red solo cups littering the property.

"What is this?" I ask, cocking my head to the side.

"Part two of the victory party!" Elana yells as she flings open the door and climbs over Calum to run and stretch her legs. Teagan and Luke already had drinks in their hands, and Samantha ran and tackled Michael, knocking him to the ground.

"You know," Keira says leaning on her car. "When you got here, you promised me a drink for being your fake fiancée. Time to pay up."

I smirk "Oh, I did? " I ask and connect our lips.

She pulls back after a while and laces our hands together leading us to spare cups and a cooler full of beer and wine coolers. She handed me a cup and opened the cooler for me to pick. Grabbing a Corona, I pop the top off and pour it into the cup then take a sip.

"How's your first American party?" Keira asks as drunken people stumble around.

"Like every other part but in America," I chuckle as I look over at Luke who is playing spin the bottle with Teagan and a bunch of people I have never seen before.

"Who knew Lucas was a light weight?" Samantha laughs as he stumbles and tries to kiss the girl next to him, Teagan letting out an unattractive snort.

"Let's go join!" Keira giggles and pulls me to the circle. Two guys move apart so there is room for the two of us to sit.

Teagan spins the bottle and it lands on Keira. A group of low whistles ripple through the circle as she leans over and kisses Keira on the cheek.

A group of guys wolf whistle making Keira rolls her eyes. She leans over and flicks the bottle causing it to spin. It lands on the guy next to me and he smirks.

"Come here!" He says excitedly. Keira looks between me and him then moves the bottle to point to me. She looks back up and shrugs.

"Sorry, muscle spasm," she apologizes before leaning over and kissing me, cupping my cheek.

Just as I'm about to pull away from the brief make out session, something, or rather someone, falls into me, pushing me forward. I caught myself but turn to see a male figure with black hair and a silver skull ring, smirking.

"Well hey there," he says slurring his words together. "Aren't you nice to look at."

"Um... sorry?" I say confused on what's going on as I shake my hair from my face.

"Nico, Will is looking for you," Keira butts in just as he leans forward. "He sounded urgent." She said even though nobody seemed to be looking for the guy, Nico.

"What?" Nico says and for once turns from my to Keira. "Will?"

"Your boyfriend?" She says and points to a blonde guy by the beer. "You might wanna head over." Nico nods and waves, winking at me, as he stumbles away from us.

"Isn't it the girl suppose to be getting hit on?" I ask as Keira leans into my side.

"Only unless the person doing the hitting on it gay... Nico's a good guy." She chuckles as Will, who wasn't looking for Nico, raises an eyebrow at his drunken boyfriend.

"How do you know him?" I ask curiously.

"He's a friend from college. We have science together." She states and pokes my side making me giggle then hiccup.


Two hours later, I was sprawled out on the living room floor of Samantha's house. Luke and Teagan had gone back to the hotel to do the 'adult handshake,' leaving the guys and o with nowhere to go but Sam's. Mikey and Sam were both in an intense, drunk game of battle ship as Calum was begging Elana, quite possibly the only fully sober one of us all, for a kiss.

"Please baby," Cal whines and pouted.

"No. Your breath smells and tastes like alcohol," Elana-Rose says simply as she flips through the channels.

"But I wanna kiss!" He says like a two year old.

"You can have a kiss once you get a mint."

"But I want one now!"

"Miss! Ha! Loser!" Samantha slurs as she sloppily puts a peg in the game board. This is when I realized something for the first time.

My best friends were currently yelling at each other about a game of battleship, begging for and refusing kisses, and getting it on. And my girlfriend was passed out on the couch snoring and drooling slightly. And I wouldn't change it for the world.

Pretty cliche ending but hey, its cute.... ALSO HEY GUYS IM SORRY I LOVE YOU UPDATES COMING REGULARLY AGAIN BECAUSE IM BACK AT SCHOOL AND EVEN IF I RUN OUT OF DATA I CAN USE THE SCHOOL WIFI, HOPEFULLY OMG I LOVE YOU IM SO SO SO SO SORRY PLEASE IM BEGGING ON MY KNEES (not literally but close enough) FORGIVE MY SINS. Also the picture is one of ymyfavorite pictures from the 5 Seconds of Summer concert I went to August 1 and it's like omg. I'm the blonde (even though my hairs brown now.... tf) on the right and the lights and omg.... okay I'm sorry again and I just want you to ogle at the picture. Kay? Bye beautifuls.

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