After the Great Pop Incident Ashton and I hadn't talked much. I was still mad that he did that, but at the same time I found it funny. But today was not the day to be not talking and on bad terms. Today we had to meet with Teagan's uncle to discuss what we were going to do about Zayden and his top-of-the-line lawyer his parents paid for.

I got up and dressed in a plain white tee shirt and denim skinny jeans with my combat boots. I grabbed my phone and pulled it off of the charger and left the hotel room to go to my car, where the boys were already waiting for me, and rather impatiently.

"Okay okay I'm coming! Don't get your panties in a twist!" I say and start the engine and begin to drive to Winchest Law Firm.

"Luke is annoying me!" Calum whines from the backseat.

"I am not!" Luke defends.

"Are too! You are bouncing up and down like a madman!" Michael butts in, causing a slap fight in the backseat of the car.

"Ow, Kay Kay!" Luke protests "Ow, stop it!" I roll my eyes and look in my mirror at the backseat. The three boys were slapping each other.

"I told you! Her name is Keira, not Kay Kay!" Ashton says annoyed and turns around the slap Luke for his comment.

"Guys!" I say, feeling like their mother. "Stop beating on your lead singer!" The boys all begin to protest just as I pull up to the law firm.

Luke climbs across Michael's lap to get out of the car, and glares at the three boys who were just using him as a human punching bag.

Ashton, Luke, Michael, Calum, and I all walk inside the building. Teagan was at the front counter filling out some sort of paperwork and tapping the toe of her shoe absentmindedly. Luke snuck up behind her and grabbed her arms, resulting in her to jump and him to giggle like a two year old.

"Hey guys" She says and hugs each of us."My uncle was, literally, just asking when you were going to show up."

"Sorry Teagan. We would have been here sooner but Keira couldn't decide what shoes to wear." Calum sighs dramatically. I roll my eyes and follow her back into her uncle's office. 'Richard Black; lawyer' written in big, bold letter across the door.

Inside was nothing much. Gray walls, a big wood desk in the middle. Her uncle behind the desk on the phone, sounding angry with the person on the other line. Several black leather chairs were on the opposite side of the desk and nearest to us. A plant sat in the corner and looked as if it needed some water, or at least more sunlight. A bookshelf filled with official looking books about laws and stuff of that sort. Overall it looked as if it were a normal law firm office.

Mr. Black on the other hand was something else. His voice was deep and quiet, but at the same time it was disturbing to hear angry, and like I should apologize. He was wearing a tan tailored suit, and had his hair, or what was left of it, in a comb over. Teagan shrugged when Luke asked about his comb over and said he never listened to fashion advice.

"Good-bye Eloise" He said and hung up with phone with a thud, and turned to face us. "Can I help you?"

Michael cleared his throat and nodded. "We are here because we have, er, a problem and would like to know if you can help us fix it." He says awkwardly. I didn't blame him. Mr. Black's expression was intimidating.

"Of course I can help you. But will I help you? That's another story." He states and stands up from his desk. "Tell me why are need me, and give me a reason to help." We all turned and looked at Ashton, and a blush began to heat his cheeks. He took a breath and began to tell the story of how Zayden decided to take them to court.

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