The plane ride home from Australia went about the same as the plane ride to Australia. The creepy attendant constantly eying Ashton and the boys. Something was different though... This time I felt almost jealous. Like I hated the girl, even though I didn't know her.

Then the ride from the airport to the hotel that lasted half an hour, plus a stop at Subway for dinner. The thing that was surprising, was my cousin, Samantha. She was leaning up against the counter in a red striped dress with combat boots, flirting with the guy behind the desk.

"Sammy?" I hear myself call out. "What are you doing here?" I ask and jog up next to her.

"Oh, you know. I heard my cousin was in trouble, so I came to the rescue" she smiles and looks at the boys. "Are these the horrible people you're staying with?" She jokes, and I nod.

"Luke, Calum, Michael, and Ashton. This is my cousin Samantha. Sammy, the boys," I say, pointing at all of the boys and introducing them all. "What are you doing here? Besides 'coming to my rescue'?"

"Your mom mentioned that your apartment flooded. So I came to invite you to stay at my apartment. I have an extra room, and then you don't have to sleep on the couch..." Samantha says, sneeking a peek at Michael.

I raise my eyebrow as I look between the two.

"I mean, sure. You have to give me a bit to pack up everything, but if you want to let me stay, I don't see why not.." I say, not looking at Ashton who for some reason was giving Sam a death glare. "What do you guys think?" I turn to the boys.

"Kay Kay, you can stay if you want too," Luke throws out. "I mean, these guys aren't going to help me get Teagan." He jokes, but there was a hint of seriousness hidden in his voice.

"Keira, Luke is right. None of us are going to help him get laid. We don't want to hear 'Oh Lukey Poo, right there! Teagan, oh fuck!' Without you to help us set up pranks for them in the morning." Calum shrugs and leans against the hotel counter.

"Oh come one guys. She can't stay with us forever." Mikey blurts out, looking away from Samantha for a moment. "Plus, if she moves in with her cousin, we all can crash at their place while Luke gets laid. It's a win win."

I look at Ash. "What do you think?"

He shrugs, avoiding my eyes. "It is up to you. But Michael is right, we need a place to go when he and Teagan are screaming each others names."

Luke glares at Mikey, Cal, and Ash.

"You all are disgusting." He mumbles.

"Oh don't pretend you don't wanna get in her pants." Michael scoffs, earning a hard elbow to the ribcage from Luke.

"Fine, fine. I'll move in with Sammy. But I don't want details when he gets action. Or any of you..." I says, pointing a finger at the guys before walking  to the elevator and waiting to pack everything up to go to my cousin's.

Once we got to the hotel room, Ashton walked into the room without a word, and began to pick up my scattered clothes without a sound.

I picked up my kitten, and walked across the room to pack up the rest of the my wardrobe and my cat accessories. The rest of the afternoon was spent with me yelling at Luke to take my bra off of his head, and for Michael to stop eying Samantha, and for Calum to not take off his pants. Ashton just silently packed up my belonging and then plopped on the now folded up pull-out couch.

Once we were finished with packing, Michael decided he wanted to go get pizza, and was joined with Calum and Luke. Sammy offered to drive them to the parlor, leaving Ashton and I alone.

"Why have you been so quiet since we got back?" I ask, flipping the channel to a evening soap opera, and settling onto the couch.

"Don't feel good," He states sourly.

"Come on, I'm not stupid!" My voice leaves sharper than I meant for it too. "Sorry," I mummer.

"What do you want me to say?" Ashton asks, turning to face me. "That I want you to move in with your cousin" He says, pushing hair from his face.

I stifle a laugh, and raise an eyebrow.

"Is Ashton Irwin, famous drummer for a famous band, jealous of my cousin?"

"Yes, Ashton is jealous if you must know," He says, then stands up and huffs out of the room.

Wondering why Ashton was so jealous of a girl who worked at a bakery was above me, I decided to give him some time to cool off while I watched the rest of my episode.

From the kitchen I heard Ash let out a frustrated grunt and I heard something crash on the ground, breaking; followed by a long string of swearing.

I stand up and go to investigate what was going on.

"Ashton-" I ask cautiously as I walk in.

"What?!" He snaps at me, on the ground trying to pick up pieces of glass that had scattered everywhere.

I sigh and get down on my hands and knees, pulling the garbage can over to help him clean up.

"Sorry," He mumbles and throws away the glass in his hand.


"Yelling," Ashton says and grabs a broom to finish cleaning up the smaller pieces of shattered glass. "I just got out of control."

"I just don't understand why you are so pissed. Ever since Samantha suggested me staying with her, you have been sour and quiet."

Ashton looks at the floor as Katie Purry padded into the kitchen, purring.

"I thought you were allergic to cats," I say out of the blue.

"I am," Ashton says watching as Katie Purry laps up some water. "But I felt bad about your old cat."

I smile at him, playing with the 'Keira' bracelet he had gotten me after our first big fight.

"You want to know why I put up with the allergies from your cat, and buy who special things to remind you I can never stay mad?" He asks and turns to me, walking closer, backing me into a corner.

"Why?" I ask, my words caught in my throat.

"Because Keira," Ashton starts, and leans in closer so we were inches apart. "I-"

I grin uncontrollably. But just as he was about to get the rest of the sentence out, the hotel door opened, and in herded Sammy and all the boys. They stared at us with mouths open, and a blush creeped into my cheeks.

"Well," Michael states. "Are we interrupting?"

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