I could sense a fight from a mile away once Keira stormed into the hotel room at Ashton; the plan completely forgotten. I pan the room and land on Calum. He looked nice in his Nirvana tee shirt, that I was pretty positive was actually Luke's, and his black skinny jeans.

He looks up from his bass surprised at the sudden change in mood. He looks from Keira to me. Something flashed in his eyes, but it was gone before I could pinpoint it. Guilt? Anger? Surpise? I had no clue.

I nod in the direction of the door and mouth the word talk in his direction. He got the message and stood up leading the way in reply. Once the door shut is when he broke the silence.

"What are you doing here?" He spat at me. I cringe and take a deep breath, deciding to beat around the bush first.

"You know how you said I would never get a modeling job because no one would want a crazy girl? I guess you were wrong," I smile up at him. He ran a hand threw his already tossled bed head.

"Congrats. Now get to the point," He demands and leans against the hotel wall.

I take a deep breath and close my eyes.

"I want you back," The words leave my mouth and sound foreign, as if I knew he wouldn't take me back.

Calum looked at me shocked as the words sunk in.

"I wasn't good enough for you the first time; what makes you think I will be good enough now?"

"Because you were so good to me the first time!" I exclaim. "I thought I wasn't giving you all I could so I-I don't know. I guess I went to someone who wasn't as amazing so I would feel better. I didn't have much to give,but I gave it all," I say looking down at my feet. "I'm so sorry, Calum."

"Why did you cheat? If you felt that way you should have had the decency to at least tell me,or break it off before you went to a different guy!" He blurted out, hurt obviously in his eyes. "I just spent the last two years of my life believing it was something I had done to deserve it!"

I look up at him and notice there were tears threatening to spill over his cheeks.

"Oh God, Cal!" I start. "I swear it was nothing you did, at all. Nothing at all, it was me feeling insecure!" My hands started shaking. "I never wanted to hurt you, and I promise I was going to call it off with the other guy, but you walked in at the wrong time!"

"Oh so you say goodbye by shoving your tongue down throats! Then something went wrong when we broke up because it sure as hell wasn't down my throat!" He glares. "All I know is I walked in on you on top of some random guy with your tongue down his throat!" He growled.

Taken aback from his words, I stumble back and hit the other side of the narrow hallway.

"God, I never in a million years meant to hurt you," My voice cracked. "All I know is I screwed up and I will literally do anything to get you back and make it right again," The sincerity in my voice softened his look slightly.

"Elana," He began quietly. "I would do anything to get you back. But I don't know if I can trust you. Give me one week. And at the end of the one week, I will have decided if I wanna take the chance of having you again or not. Fair enough?"

I sigh. The was the best I was going to get, and I wasn't complaining.

"Fair enough."

"Come here," He says, opening his arms wide and I instinctively go and bury myself in his arms, snuggling as close as I could.

If I got this boy back, I was going to hold on and never let go.

The picture is Elana at her first photoshoot! Because why not? Thoughts on Calum's decision? And this is just a bonus chapter, that's why it is short. Tell me what you think so far. Love you all. Also I'm on vacation and am in the car a lot. So what if I update like a lot this week? Would you guys be okay, or would you want the super spread out updates? xD


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