I was sitting in the hotel room, singing the song that was written on the napkin that Keira had left. Reading the lyrics it obviously was about the night I had randomly texted her and told her about spiders being in her room. I mean, unless Keira texts a bunch of random numbers.

"Ashton open the damn door!" Keira yells from the other side of the door. Luke looks up at me raising an eyebrow before cautiously opening the door.

Keira Mayberry stomped across the room to me, and ripped the written on napkin from my hands.

"What the hell!" She yells. "I told you in Australia that was all you would hear of this song!"

Calum looks up at me, spotting Elana-Rose and his eyes widen, momentarily distracted from the argument unfolding in front of him. Elana blushed slightly and motioned for him tk go outside so they could talk things over.

"If it was that important then you wouldn't have left it at the cafe!" I snap in reply to her.

"That doesn't give you the right to read it when I told you not to!" She yells. Luke looked back and forth from me and Keira then turned on his heels to walk away. At the same time Michael and Samantha were coming in, and saw us arguing. They left right behind Luke.

"Technically you never said I couldn't," I point out in a calmer voice, trying to lighten the mood and avoid the argument.

Keira sighs and runs a hand through her hair, the bracelet I had gotten her still on her wrist dispite the madness that had been going on between the two if us lately.

"I'm sorry Keira. I'm sorry I read your napkin, I'm sorry I blew up when you said you were seeing Zayden, and I'm sorry I overreacted when he left you on the corner all those months ago. I'm sorry and I should have never blamed you like I did," I blurt out suddenly and instantly feeling a weight lifted off of my shoulders.

She looked up at me, and for the first time in a long time, she smiled at me.

"I'm sorry I blew up at you for reading this. It's just a really bad song and I kind of am embarrassed about it. That's all, and I'm sorry for turning you down the other say at the cafe," I open my mouth to say something more, but she butt in before I could get a word in. "The truth is that if I had told you how I really felt I would have lost it and probably make things worst and Zayden would press more charges. And everything would build up-"

That's when it was my turn to butt in.

I cupped her face in my hands, and before I could register what I was doing, my lips were on hers. I could taste the strawberry chapstick she always wore. People in stories always say there are butterflies and fireworks, but it's so much more. The way her lips fit mine, her hands in my hair. There weren't any fireworks; instead it was a whole fucking fire.

After what seemed like an eon of just standing there kissing her, I pulled back and lean our foreheads together.

"Miss Keira, what was it that you were feeling at the cafe?" I ask with a small grin.

A blush creeps onto her cheek and what comes out next makes my heart literally stop out of happiness.

"I felt completely in love," She whispers.

OKAY THAT JUST HAPPENED! Sorry, fangirling over my own story cause why not. Okay literally these two are my OTP and I'm so haply right now! Sorry for yhe short chapter, I just felt like I owed you some sort of extra chapter since I haven't updated in a while before yesterday... So yeah! Love y'all!

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