By time we pulled up to the Irwin's house for a barbeque, I had been dying of sweat and smelled like a gym locker. On the plane I had gotten cold and put on a sweater, talking off my under shirt. Now, I was regretting the idea with every ounce of me.

"I told you Kay Kay, you would get hot!" Luke says in a sing song voice. I roll my eyes and flip him off.

Besides the intense heat, I was liking Australia. I was surrounded by hot aussie guys with their accents and great music, along with the ability to call flip flops thongs instead.

"You could just take off your shirt," Ashton smirks and suggests. I stick out my tongue, but seriously was considering it. Ash sighs and looks at me.

"I think there's an extra shirt in the back, if you want it," He offers and quickly gesture in the back.

Luke tosses the shirt, that he had been sitting on, up to me and I swiftly change my shirt, and sigh with relief.

"Better?" Ashton asks, and I nod in agreement.



After a half hour over driving, we pulled up to Ashton's mom's home. Ashton excitedly got got out and raced to the front, only to be stopped by the wet stream of a water gun.

Ashton screamed and shook his head, causing water to fly everywhere as well. Giggles were heard as I walk to join Ash, only to be soaked myself.

"And that's for not letting me braid your hair!" A girl screamed. She was a little shorter than me, and had the same color hair as Ashton, though it was straight. She couldn't have been more than fourteen or fifteen. Her red shirt had the words "I speak fluent sarcasm' were printed on the front. She had dark denim capris on, and her hair was falling over her shoulders.

"And that," Another girl's voice piped up. "For not texting me when you landed like you said!" She says and sprays him once again.

The other girl, who was roughly our age, was taller than me, and had brown hair with matching brown eyes. She was wearing a school volleyball tee shirt with whitewashed jean shorts and flip flops. Her hair was tugged up in a messy bun.

"Fine," Ashton huffs. "I guess a hug is needed to make up for the inconveniencies I have caused you," He smirks and grabs onto both girls, and pulling them in for a hug. Both girls screamed and tried to get away from a soaking wet Ashton, but weren't fast enough.

"Lauren!" A motherly voice called from the porch. "Stop harassing your brother!" The woman was clearly Ashton's mother. And though she told his sister to stop, she laughed and smiled.

"Assssshhhhhhhton!" A little boy yelled, and ran out tackling him in a hug, which Ashton returned.

"So what? No love for me?" Michael pouted from beside me. The girl who helped Lauren in soaking Ashton walked over and hugged him. "At least Elana loves me," Mikey giggles.

I roll my eyes and look at Ashton, tickling and giggling with Lauren and his brother Harry. Then they stopped and just talked in hushed voice. Lauren giggled loudly as Ash's cheeks tinted red about something.

"Alright everyone, it's time to eat!" His mom yelled and we all herded inside.


"Don't you dare!" I scream as Ashton throws me over his shoulder. After we had eaten hotdogs and salad off of the grill, we all decided to go swimming. I had been sitting on a chair tanning, while everyone else was splashing in the pool.

Elana-Rose, as she introduced herself earlier, spotted me and told me to come in. When I shook my head no, Ashton decided to take matters into his own hands.

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