I reread the texts from Keira. She no doubt was pissed off, and the truth was, I was being a dick boyfriend. I didn't reply to her texts or Skype her as much as I should, and I definitely wasn't telling her how much she meant to me as much as the others were telling their girlfriends... But the last thing I said sent her of the edge. She had called it off.

"Yeah whatever. I can't do this anymore. You can't just keep ignoring me and pretending nothing is happening. I'm done." The words replayed over and over on my head. She had told me the date she was graduating and asked if I would be able to make it. And instead of dropping everything and going to see the love of my life reach her goal, I told her I was too tired but to send pictures.

I knew the distance was going to be hard, but I always thought that our relationship was going to be the long distance one to last. That no matter the distance we always would be okay. I guess I thought that the relationship was more of something that was just there, not something that can easily be taken away.

I push myself into an upright position and look around my room. My mum would flip her lid if she saw this. Beer bottles lay everywhere, pictures of us scattered the floor, and I had taken Lauren's Adele cd. In other words, I was a mess.

I grab my phone and check the date, May 21. It had been two months since Keira ended it and I still was moping about. I hadn't left house, except when we had a concert, and then I put on a fasçade for the fans so they weren't upset with the concert. But after the cone it was right back into sweatpants and Adele for me.

"Ashton," my mum knocks on the door gently. "Can I come in?"

"Go away," I say. My voice hoarse from all the crying and yelling at myself I had done. Dispite my request my mum opened the door and pursed her lips as she looks around and saw the mess I had made of my room.

"Luke is here to talk to you. He has he and the boys have an idea."

"Tell them nows not the time," I mutter in response.

"Ashton. You might want to hear what Luke has to say. It might be a helpful idea," she says before wrapping a blanket around my shoulders and leading me down the stairs and to the living room where the boys are, Luke looking down at a piece of paper with details about something written on it.

"Ash!" Michael says and is the first to jump up and greet me. I put on a weary smile and wave at one of my three my best friends.

"Okay I know you probably don't want to talk, but trust me this will be good for you." Luke says before looking down at the paper and clearing his throat and continuing to talk. "We have a flight into L.A. at ten o clock tonight, allowing us to arrive in time for Keira's graduation. There you will see her accomplishment and congratulate her, she then will realize how stupid it was to break your heart and you two will get together. After that proceeding to go to the surprise graduation party you, really Calum, put together to show you how much you care."

I look from Luke to Michael then Calum and raise an eyebrow.

"If we do this we throw the tour off, you realize that. Right?" I ask nervously. Mikey snorts.

"What is more important at this particular moment in time. Curing your broken heart so you are able to happy again, or not delaying one show...?" He had a point.

"Okay," I agree slowly. "But if she doesn't take me back, then what?" The words fall from my mouth.

"Then shut up and kiss her and make her take you back," Luke answers in a duh tone. "If you love her, show her how much you love her."

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