"Are we interrupting?" Michael's voice breaks the tension, and a blush rises in Keira's cheeks.

"Michael!" Samantha scolds. "Of course we are."

Sighing and blowing some hair from my face, and back away from the girl in front of me, allowing her to move out of the corner I had subconsciously backed her into.

"Oh, sorry..." Mikey blushes and awkwardly rubs a hand through his bleached hair.

"Did you guys get the pizzas?" Keira asks, changing the subject.

"Oh yeah, we did. And some Zayden guy-" Sammy starts, but quickly stops when Calum elbows her rib cage. "Er, never mind..."

"No, what did he say?" I ask, hoping onto the counter of the kitchen in my hotel room.

"He said," Sam looks at Calum, who nods grudgingly. "That before you make your big move on Keira, to ask her about before you went to Australia, and all the texts. Whatever that means."

I turn my head to Keira, an eyebrow raised and my head cocked.

"What 'texts' and what happened before we went away?" I ask. She just took an interest on the floor and shifted uncomfortably. "Keira," I say, more forceful this time.

"Look, I'm sorry. But he promised he would drop the charges if I went out with him, and hasn't he?" She looks up slowly.

"No! He hasn't dropped the charges!" I say, lowly. "Tell me you didn't go running back to Zayden. Tell me, and look me in the eyes!" My voice came out harsher than I meant for it to.

Keira stood there awkwardly, looking everywhere but my eyes.


"I'm sorry Ashton." Was all she said.

Michael, Calum, and Luke all look astonished, and Samantha looked between me and her cousin. I could feel my blood boiling, and the anger rising up.

"I swear to God, Keira!" I shout. "Of all people to go running to, why him?! You are dating now?" I explode.

"No, we aren't dating. But I have to go out with him again tonight." She answers quietly.

"What were you going to tell us!"

"Ashton, calm down! I was going to be at Samantha's! Why do you care anyways?!" She bites back.

"Why do I care?" I shout and stomps over to her, looking down at her.

"Ash," Luke calls out in a warning tone.

"I care because I like you! I fucking like you! Happy?!" My voice starts to get hoarse with all the yelling. "Obviously this is a one way thing, because you were just about to kiss me, but you are seeing the guy who you hate most! I never in a zillion years would have thought you would have stooped that low!"

"I did it for you, Ashton!" Keira fights back. "He said he would stop pressing charges, and you could carry on making music without getting a bad reputation!"

I let out a frustrated grunt as I slap a half-eaten plate of grilled cheese from earlier that night across the room, making even more of a mess with the shattered glass from the cup I broke before Keira and I almost kissed.

"For me?! For me?! You did it for yourself,Keira! Stop kidding yourself! The only thing you did for me was keep this a secret and hurt me," I yell.

"Ashton," Michael says, coming in between Keira and I before I could do something I regretted. "Go away and calm down before you completely loose your cool. Now!" He says, pulling me from the kitchen and to the hotel door.

"Fine, but when I come back, Keira had better not be here!" I warn before slamming the door behind me and stomping from the hotel.

When I reached the sidewalk, I scream. Not to attract any attention or anything, but to let everything flow. My voice becomes raspy and it hurts to talk. Once my voice reached that point, I began to walk. Andwalk and walk, not really knowing where to or why I was walking.


Hours later, the sun had gone down and I had consumed several shots of vodka, and downed a couple beers at a club I had stumbled upon.

Ring ring ring

I look down at my phone, and see Luke's contact photo pop up. With a sigh, I hit answer.

"Ashton, where are you?" His voice comes through the phone line.

"Can I tell you a secret?" I slur through the phone.

"Ash, are you drunk?" Luke questions, a hint of amusement in his voice.

"Pfft, why would I be drunk?" I hiccup and look around the club I had wondered into.

There was a girl stripping and dancing on a table, a guy leading another guy into a bathroom, and the bartender was flirting with a lady at the counter. The owner of the bar was trying to get the chick off of the table, and a girl was trying to get my attention.

"Because I hear loud music, and 'wooo's in the background. Ashton, were are you? I am going to pick you up. Tomorrow we have our first court date." He says with a sigh.

"Fine. But don't tell Luke that I am wearing his shirt, it's a secret." I say sternly, and tell him the name of the club, and hang up. I make my way to the counter, and order another drink.


Half an hour later, Luke had managed to drag me out of the club, ignoring the 'are you Luke Hemmings' and 'ohmygod is Ashton drunk's on the way out of the building. He hauled me into a taxi, then lugged me up the stairs to our hotel room.

"Is Keira gone?" I slur out.

"Yes. And tomorrow you two need to work out whatever the hell happened, because she is coming to court with us," Luke says, practically dragging me to my bed and throwing me onto the mattress. He went and got a trash can for if I threw up. "Now be not hungover tomorrow..." He mumbled to himself, knowing full well I would be.

Soon after Luke went to bed, I dozed off.

I had a dream that night. Not a dream like getting married on the beach, or making out with Keira. Just a dream. I dreamed I was in court, the judge before me and Teagan's uncle pleading with the judge not to send me to jail. I dreamed that Keira was sitting on Zayden's lap, and smirking over at me and the boys, knowing we were about to loose the court case. And in my dream, I stood up, not caring about the punishment, pulled out a samurai sword, and decapitated the son of a bitch that took us to court in the first place.


Hey guys! So this was half heartbreaking, half badass samurai. Sorry it is kind of weird towards the end, I don't know how to write drunk people. Bare with me. Secondly, the picture attached is of Samantha Mayberry. If you know what band she is front brownie point to you. Love you all!

Aurevoir [that's right, I speak French B) ]


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