Zayden loosing the court trail was exciting. The news spread quickly, on the news, through Twitter, and Instagram; #zaydensucks was trending.

So the girls, Elana, Teagan, Sam and I, decided to throw a surprise party for the boys. While they were out recording we set up everything.

Samantha was in charge of the bloozes, Elana-Rose was to find decorations and hang them up, Teagan was to make a cake, and my job was to make dinner. Somehow we managed make the living room of Samantha's house into a party zone by time the guys texted us and told us they were leaving the studio to come over for what they thought was pizza and a movie.

The house filled with the scent of macaroni and cheese (okay I never said I'd make something fancy) as Sam set up a mini bar at the dining room table. Elana was busily putting finishing touches on the doorway and Teagan carried the cake to the coffee table as a huge pile of the boys favorite movies sat in front of the tv.

"Ready?" Sammy calls happily from the dining room table, a drink already in her hand. I tool my eyes as the girls nod.

I sat on the couch as the doorbell rang.

"Luke!" Teagan yells excitedly while she tackles Luke in a hug.

"Whoa. What's all of this?" Michael asks walking into the room taking it all in.

"We decided to throw a party. Well part one of the party," I say from the couch, moving over so Ashton could take his seat by me.

"One obstacle out of the way!" Cal chuckles and eyes the drinks, making his way over there and having rum in coke.

"You didn't have you didn't have to do this," Ashton whispers in my ear.

"I know, but I wanted to," I say and turn to kiss him.

"Elana-Rose, can we talk for a minute? It's about the other night." Calum asks, his drink finding a temporary place so he could pull her away from us. She nods and shoots me an anxious look. I smile and turn to Mikey who was already sucking the face off of my cousin.

"If you two are done," I intrude. "What movie do you guys wanna watch?"

Before anyone can do anything, Luke stands up and puts in Mean Girls before anyone can protest. A everyone chuckles and rolls their eyes.

Elana came back grinning and mouths He took me back to me and sat next to Calum as we all sat and watched movies, ate cake, and drank alcohol. Part one of the party

Okay I know this is really short but it's just a filler. I feel like this book is getting boring, so sorry. I'll add something to jazz it up in like two chapters okay. Hang in there. Love you all!


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