Quietly I get up and pull on some clothes, the boys doing the same. Today was the day we were originally suppose to be going back to Australia after recording,but a change of  plan happened. That doesn't mean we can't go back home and visit, right?

"Hey Keira, you have to wake up if we are going to make the flight," I say, and gently shake her awake. Katie Purry was at the foot of the  couch, which doubled as Keira's bed until she could find an apartment. "Keira," I say more urgently this time, trying to get her attention.

She groans and turns over, facing the back of the couch away from me. "Don't touch me," She whines when Michael poked her face.

"Get up! Now!" Michael says and jumps up and down excitedly, his suitcase by the door with the rest of ours.

Keira sat up slowly, and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. "Okay, I'm up, I'm up!" She says, then looks at the cat. "We can't just leave her though. I mean I just got her.."

I look around and spot the carrier that we had brought the cat home in.

"We could always bring her. I mean, we have the money to, and I'm sure we can keep her away from the dogs if they don't get along," I suggest and pick up Katie. Keira nods and grabs the carrier, bringing it over and then going to an extra suitcase we didn't need since we were just visiting, and began to do a little bit of last minute packing. Then she practically trips over her jean legs. All we hear from Michael and I's is a loud thud, followed by a long stream of swear words and grumbling. I laugh to myself.

"Ready?" Calum asks, and picks up his suitcase and pockets his phone. We all nod, and carry our stuff out to Keira's car. And soon were on the way to the airport, Keira scolding us for not telling her earlier, and Michael arguing that it was a surpirse. Only to have his arguement rebuttaled by the fact that she would have been just as surprised as today if we told her about a week ago.


Several hours later we had made it to the airport, and through security, (only setting the alarms off once, thanks to Calum and his metal belt.) and were currently waiting for our flight to arrive.

"How long is the flight to Sydney?" Keira asks randomly, half awake even though she had a coffee in her hand.

"Usually fourteen hours..." I answer and eat my hash brown I had gotten from McDonalds.

Her eyes widen, and I shrug. "I'm just hoping I don't get that one flight attendant we had last time, and had to lie that I was engaged..." I say and shudder at the thought of her being on the same plane as me once again.

"Well this time you have your 'fiancee' with you," Keira chuckles and puts her legs in my lap as she lounges and puts in earbuds.

"Gate 23B," The announcer comes on over the speaker and everyone gets up and grabs their luggage before advancing to the enterance of the plane.

"Ready?" I hear Luke ask Keira. She nods and smiles. We hand the lady the tickets one at a time. When its my turn, I hand the ticket over and look up.

It was the flight attendent. The one on the way from Australia to here. She smirks and waves her hand.

"Hi there Sweetie. What makes you come back? A failed marriage?" She asks and I glance over at Michael who shrugs, just as confused.

"Actually we decided to have the wedding back home," I lie and see Keira makes a face behind her back, causing me to snicker slightly.

"You know, you can always call off the wedding and come home with me tonight," The lady offered and smirked, walking slightly closer.

"How do you even remember me?" I blurt out before I could stop myself.

"There is only one of you, and you were just here about a month ago," She shrugs.

Keira looks from me to her, and sighs.

"Ready Honey?" She asks sweetly. I turn and silently thank her for coming to my rescue and pretending to marry me once again.

"Yup. I was just about to board," I say and guide her to the enterance of the plane. I turn and wave at the attendent who glared at Keira as if she just killed a puppy.

Together, we board the plane and take our seats.


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