Today was round two of court dates. Today we were to appear in front of a jury and, fingers crossed, they would decide who was innocent. Keira had promised not to make a scene at this court date. Also, this time I wasn't nursing a hangover.

"Hurry up!" Michael scolds. "We have an hour to get to Sam's and pick up Kara, then get to the court house."

"Okay for the thousandth time her name is Keira," I sigh and run a hand through my hair. "And we are waiting on you." It was true. Calum and Luke were both dressed leaning against the wall texting. And I was chewing gum while spinning the keys to our rental car. Michael sighed and finished styling his hair before leading the way out the door.

The ride to Samantha's house was quiet. Music uncharacteristically down low out of nerves. But once we pulled up to the house everything changed.

"I got presents!" Keira screams and runs out carrying four small bags and smiling big. "I figured since today all y'all will probably need some cheering up I got everyone a small gift." She says motioning for me to get in the passenger seat so I can open the bag and not be late for the court date. Keira starts the engine and begins going to the court house.

Michael was first to open his present.

"You got me a gift card to the pizza place and a pizza shirt!" He squeals like a school girl. "Thank you Keira!" He says getting her name right.

Luke went next. Carefully opening the bag and removing tissue paper he all but screams.

"You gave me a penguin!?" He says holding up the penguin in the rear view mirror as Keira chuckles. "Thank you so much Kay Kay!" He says.

"You guys are so easy to please," she comments before Calum opened his. Calum opened his excitedly.

"You got me a snapback?" His eyes widen and he quickly placed the hat on his head.

"Be careful there's something small," Keira warns changing lanes.

"Duuude! A guitar pick with my face!" He says holding it up. Way to excited for that.

"Your turn," Keira prompts me.

I turn to the bag and open it. Inside was a little book and inside that were pictures from our L.A. experience. Keira had taken pictures somehow without anyone realizing it. The last pictures was of us kissing, Samantha had taken it through a window.

"This is so cute!" I hear myself say a grin on my face.

"And I figured since this is kind of not as fun as the other guys stuff. I got you something else." I look in the bag and find a gift card for a toy store.

"Oh my God!" I wheeze. "You're the best!"

She laughs.

"I know."


Two hours later we had finished our testimony, which was the same as last time. Revenge for Keira. Now it was Zayden's turn. His story getting even more twisted. But he was nervous. You could see him fidgeting and avoiding eye contact. The jury noticed too.

Once he had finished, the judge called me up and asked me one last time why I had done it. I took my time thinking over what I was going to say.

"Well you see judge. I lied last time," I said hearing the boys suck in a breath.

"What do you mean Mr. Irwin?" The judge raised an eyebrow amused.

"I don't like Keira. That's not why I did it. I love Keira. That's why I did it."

The courtroom was dead silent as the news sunk in. So I took the opportunity to talk.

"See I had liked Keira from the second she texted the wrong number. I just didn't know it at the time. Then we met in person and I thought she looked amazing, I ended up staring with my mouth open," I could hear the band laughing quietly at the memory. "Then Zayden took her on a date and I had a bad feeling. But she was so excited, so I didn't say anything. So when she called me t ask if I would pick her up and she explained that Zayden had taken another girl home, it broke my heart. And I wanted to break his heart, but not hurt any person. So I hurt his fancy car." I say and shrug, looking at each jurer then to Keira.

The judge was the first to speak up.

"The jury now needs time to think. A recess is called." With that he hit the gavel on the podium and left.

The next thirty minutes were the longest minutes of my life. The waiting. No one talked the entire time. Nothing was said about my confession. Then finally they called us in.

"Zayden Breez," the judge called. "You are fined $2,500 for lying to authority. You also will spend one week in the county jail for lying and making up a story," the judge said. And even though Zayden was screaming nasty things he calmly turned to me.

"Boys. The charges are dropped, you are the pay for nothing for being honest. And next time," the judge looked me in the eye. "Don't do something stupid."

Before the news that we won has fully sunk in, Keira kissed me. Distantly I could hear the boys whooping. But nothing mattered. We had won; Zayden lost.

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