One week ago

"The feelings are one way," I hear myself blurt out coldly- a complete lie. I turn and walk out of the café, the napkin I had been writing on still at the table but that didn't matter at the moment. I just hurt the guy who told me he liked me, and I liked him. I got in a taxi and rode back to Samantha's house.

Present day

"Come on!" Samantha whines, gesturing to the tv that Sex in the City was currently playing on. "You and Ashton's relationship is like a fucking soap opera!" She cries out. "You two need to just confess your undying love for each other and do the naked noodle!"

I glare at her. It had been a week since Ashton told me he liked me, and to be honest I had wanted to jump up and down squealing and kiss him right then and there. But I couldn't. I was seeing Zayden so he wouldn't press charges further on the boys.

"Sam, I can't. Zayden said-"

"Zayden said if you went out with him he would cancel the charges pressed, which he hasn't. So Zayden can suck a dick and die in a hole," She icily inturpts.

"Well he said he wouldn't press the charges further now... And I'm not taking that chance. The boys were suppose to leave a month ago after finishing their newest album, and now they are still here and had to change the release date," I state and look at my phone. No texts, no calls, no anything.

Samantha sighs and stands up, running a finger through her hair.

"Whatever, I'm going to get ready for my date with Mikey," She says before huffing to the bathroom to begin preparations. I roll my eyes and turn my attention back to Sex in the City and the drama that was unfolding.


An hour later there was a knock on my door. With a sigh I stood up and unlocked the door, excepting Michael to come pick up my cousin for their date. But who looked at me back came as a shock.

"Hello Keira," Elana-Rose said and waved slightly. "Ashton said you were living here now. Something about a fight?" She raised her eyebrow at me as if I were the one to be explaining.

"I'll tell you later," I reply opening the door wider so she could come in. "What are you doing in America?"

She smiled widely "So a long time ago I promised myself that I would go on to be a model when I grew up. I told everyone, the boys, my parents, Lauren and Harry. Only a couple thought I could do it. Calum wasn't one of those people," She said sourly. "So I came to prove him wrong," Elana-Rose said, but something about it told me that wasn't all.

"Did you get a modeling job?" I question as my eyes widen and she nods.

"Don't tell anyone!" Elana warned. "But that isn't the reason I came to see you, I mean obviously I wanted to say hi, but I need a favor..."

I look at her cautiously. "Is everything okay?" I ask slowly and she nods.

"Everything is great. I just want to get Cal back..."  admits with a blush and the words barely left her mouth audibly.

Her words sunk it. I guess I should have been surprised after she had cheated on him and all, but honestly I wasn't surprised.

"And I need your help," She continued and before I could decide whether to help or not, Elana went into extreme detail about how she was going to get him back.

I listened and nodded, asking questions when it was needed in order to help her win back Calum Hood.

"Am I intruding?" Michael asks from the still open door. I shake my head.

"No, I'll get Sam for you though," And with I disappear into the bathroom and tell her he has arrived, then went back and joined Mikey and Elana-Rose.

"Calum won't take you back. You broke his heart when you cheated,"Michael states to Elana, who was taking an intrest in her shoes and slowly nodded.

"It's worth a try though."

Samantha came in the room with her brown hair in loose curls and an alien crop top. Her white high waisted shorts complimented her long legs. With very little make up on, she looked stunning in a casual outfit. And needless to say, Michael was drooling.

"Ready?" She asked with a slight blush as he nodded and looked her up and down.

"Don't fuck on the first date. Save that for the second date, keep it classy!"I yell as they leave, earning a smirk from Mikey and the birdie from my cousin. Elana-Rose just laughs.

"C'mon," I say, slipping on some flip flops. "Let's go get your man!" I smile and grab my car keys and say bye to Katie Purry. Elana gratefully follows.


Forty-five minutes later I was outside the familiar hotel, working up my nerve to go in and see Ashton for the first time in a week. I had to admit I was overly excited to see everyone but Ashton. I didn't think I would be able to face him. But I had to do this for Elana, no matter what she did in the past.

"Everything alright?" She asks, noticing my tight grip on the steering wheel dispite the car being parked. I smile and nod.

"Yeah. Peachy keen."

We went inside...

Room 578- the room of an up and coming band known as 5 Seconds of Summer on floor 14.

I knocked a couple times, hearing music coming from the inside. Maybe they finally were able to record some more. Then it hit me.

You called me up one night

The lyrics...

Talked on and on about nothing at all

They seemed really familiar, the melody too.

Best Wrong Number

They were mine!

"Ashton open the fuck up!" I yell, bang my hand on the door. "That's my song!"

My mind was racing. When did he get a hold of it? When and how? Then it hit me. A week ago when I had been writing on the napkin. I forgot to grab the napkin. Ashton was never meant to hear more than what I had sang in Australia to him, Harry, and Lauren. Yet here he was, singing it.

This was a moment when I was really pissed that I had sent that text to the wrong number, the text that started it all.

Okay I hate myself for this chapter. :) But now you know what the song was, aye? Sorry for not updating since like a century ago. Like erg, damn writers block! Also I have had this book for almost a year like omg! I never thought this would get this many reads, thank you all!

One last apology for my horrible song writing skills. Okay I'm tired, have been sitting in the car for God knows how long, and my butt hurts. Please excuse my song lyrics, I tried.


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