I have to admit when I first saw Ashton, my heart did a little flutter. Nothing to much though.

"Mr. Ashton, why are you wearing that shirt? I don't want to get pulled over by the fashion police," I say after a few minutes of silence.

"Hey, I love this shirt. You have to admit, I do look pretty hot. I mean, not very many guys could pull off this shirt," He says, defending his beloved purple shirt.

"Yea, most boys would have enough common sense to actually pull off that shirt. Literally," I mumble as I pull off the highway and onto the street of my favorite diner.

"Ashton, Kay Kay just burned you," Luke says from the backseat. I just chuckle at his sudden nickname for me.

"Do you want some ice for that burn?" Calm replies, followed by a sizzling sound.

"Hey you guys better shut the hell up. I know where you're sleeping tonight," Ash says, turning around and smacking Calum on the head.

"Hey now, no murdering in my car. I don't need to go to jail," I say as I finally find a place to park the car.

Getting out, I pull the seat forward of my convertible my Grandparents had gotten me for my sixteenth birthday. As the boys climb out, I turn to walk in but bump into somebody.

"Oh I'm sorry," I look up to see Zayden Breez.

"Oh, no. It's my fault," He says as he smiles at me. "Haven't I seen you around before? Keira right?" He asks, escorting me to the door of the diner.

"Yea, uh, guys this is Zayden. Zayden Breez. We go to college together," I introduce the boys. As Zayden walks up to the counter with Calum, Luke and Michael, Ashton stays behind.

"So that's the guy you like huh? He's kind of cute, I guess," He says, shrugging and stuffing his hands into his jeans pocket.

"Yea. He and I use to go to high school together, then we lost touch and one day we saw each other at college and I guess we hung out a little. Not to much though," I say, opening the door for him to walk in and order.

"Guys, lunch is on me," Michael says before handing the worker money.

"Oh hell no," I practically shout as I walk faster next to Mikey.

"You're the guest, I pay," I say whipping out my cash I had.

Michael just looked me up and down. " Arm wrestle? Winner pays?" He says, his voice getting eerily cocky.

"Fine, but you have to promise not to cry when I kick your sorry little ass," I say. Zayden observes from the side. Curiosity got the better of him, and he followed Ash to the table were we sat down and prepared to have an epic arm wrestling match; which I did intend on winning.

"Okay guys, fair fight. One arm behind your back," Calum waits for us to obey his commands. Luke grabs a napkins and quickly scribbles 'Round One' on it. Then as of we were in an arena he strutted back and forth.

"Ready, set," Calum looks from Michael to me, then back to Michael.

"Wait, wait, wait," Luke says before placing a five dollar bill in front of Michael.

"Seriously?" I say, my hand interlocked with Mikey's as we wait for the go signal from Calum.

"Double or nothing?" Ashton says, placing a ten dollar bill in front of me. Rolling me eyes I prep myself for the signal to begin.

"Go!" Calum half shouts. Costumer now gathering around to watch the fight for the pay.

Me and him battles for several seconds before it looked like he was going to win. But just as my arm was about to give out, I saw Luke and Ashton standing there as if their lives were on the line. Interested in how hilarious Luke's face would look once he lost ten dollars, I gave it all I got. Taking Michael by surprise, and winning as if it were my plan all along.

"And we have a winner!" Calum shouts, holding up my hand for Luke, Ashton,Michael, and Zayden to see. As well as the small crowd. Ashton processed to run it into Luke's face.

Proudly I walk up to the front counter and pay the bill, bringing the food on the way back. I join the boys and Zayden at a booth seat next to a window.

"Wow Keira, that was pretty amazing," Zayden says, unwrapping his half pound hamburger.

"Yea Kay Kay, because of you I just lost some precious mullah," Luke says in between huge bites of his two big pound-er hamburger.

Rolling my eyes, I turn and pay the bill. And what I didn't realize was, I was on the road to a very, very, complicated, but perfect friendship.

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