Chapter 34

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The final rehearsal comes to end. It was difficult to concentrate with all the distractions in your mind but you got through it and practiced well with the rest if the group

(Mr Kang) "That's it now guys. The debut stage is on Wednesday. You have two days to rest and recover. We can't afford to have any injuries or problems so be careful and take care of yourselves."

(Minho) "We will, thanks sir."

The group leave together, congratulating eachother on their efforts throughout the week.

(Sungjin) "Well done everyone!'

(Doyoon) "Yeah, especially you Y/N! It was obvious you weren't well on Monday but you did great."

(Y/N) "Thanks Doyoon."

He puts his arm around you and pats your chest.

(Jisub) "How about we go eat?"

(Shiwoo) "Sounds good!"

The group find a restaurant to eat at and celebrate the end of the week.

Over the rest of the weekend and the start of the next week, the group continue to go through the dance routine and song to ensure they are prepared for the debut stage.

Wednesday finally comes around. The day if the KBS Music Bank Christmas Stage. 'Fate's' debut stage. Everything you have worked for comes down to this moment.

The group wake up early to go to the venue. When they arrive, they are shown around the building then taken to their dressing room.

(Mr Kang) "Ok, so this is how today's schedule is looking...

You will be the third group to perform. There will be a ten minute break in between your performance and the previous one. This will give us plenty of time to set up the stage. After the group performance, you will all come out and introduce yourselves, I have the script here for what you will say, then you can say your own thing afterwards. You will all leave afterwards. Y/N, you will stay on stage to perform your solo. There are six hours until the show begins."

After Mr Kang finishes briefing the group, they eat then begin pre-performance practice.

To their surprise, Mr Kang brings in JYP.

(JYP) "Good evening guys, are you all ready for your performance?"

The group all smile and shout "yes!" back at him like a group of children at a magic show.

(JYP) "Good, just remember to enjoy yourself up there! Any audience will like you if you are happy and charismatic."

He continues to give the group advice.

(JYP) "I will be on stage with you when you introduce yourselves and give a brief speech about the group's formation."

Everyone nods and acknowledges what they are told. JYP leaves and the group continue practicing.

A few hours later, the group are stopped and start to get ready for their stage.

They are given their outfits for the performance. Each member is given the same outfit they wear in the music video,
You wear the navy blue jacket again.

With half an hour to go before the first performance, the group are given a final run down of the stage.

Backstage, nerves begin to build as the group have their makeup put on and hair styled. They are ready to perform.

(Sungjin) "Wow, this is so scary."

(Jisub) "Yeah it is, I'm nervous."

(Minho) "Me too, but like Mr JYP said, we just need to enjoy ourselves."

(Shiwoo) "Yeah, we just need to show everyone how good we are!"

(Doyoon) "Exactly!"

(Y/N) "Everything will be fine, we've got this!"

A contrasting feeling in your head contradicts your positive statement. Still, you are distracted and worry about seeing Dahyun.

Finally, (G)-IDLE finish their performance and 'Fate' are up next.

The group position themselves on the lifts below the stage. The lights above them are cut. The dimly lit lights below stage give just enough light for the members to exchange determined nods of affirmation.

You close your eyes and take their largest breath of your life.

(Stage Manager) "3... 2... 1... lift!'

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