Paper Cranes | Park Jimin by cityhearts
Paper Cranes | Park Jiminby KATY
[COMPLETED] ❝Fold a thousand paper cranes and your wish will come true.❞ In which Park Jimin knocks at Min Haneul's door one night and complains why...
  • cranes
  • fanfiction
  • min
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Mr's Little Sister || Jimin X Reader FF by kookiesabsjiminsjams
Mr's Little Sister || Jimin X Florkook
Kim Namjoon, is a teacher at your school, and of course, you just happen to be his little sister. When Park Jimin, the school playboy is failing the class, he needs hel...
  • kimnamjoon
  • jeon
  • wattys2018
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Chubs | KSJ by Pamera12
Chubs | KSJby ✌︎M E L O N✌︎
All of my peach milk comes exploding out my nose. I instantly grab a hand full of napkins, patting my face and the table dry, so does Jin. "What did you say?"...
  • cute
  • fluff
  • yoongi
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Noona ( Jeon Jungkook Fanfiction ) by JinVkook143
Noona ( Jeon Jungkook Fanfiction )by JinVkook Bangtan
"Noona" "DON'T CALL ME THAT -_-" "Noona" "I said, 'DON'T CALL ME NOONA' "Noona" "One more time and I'll kick you till y...
  • manoban
  • namjoon
  • soekjin
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Bad Boy| Kim Taehyung x reader by x_omqsyd_x
Bad Boy| Kim Taehyung x readerby 💫Sydney💫
Y/n, you are a bad girl, you have been kicked out of three different schools. You only have your older brother left as your parents got into a car accident when you were...
  • romance
  • kim
  • romantic
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Lust Demon (Taekook) by bangangsonyeondamn
Lust Demon (Taekook)by Dead Inside And Out
Maybe Taehyung should have never opened that box...
  • yoonminseok
  • topkook
  • jeon
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Hated Mate by jamlessmochijimin
Hated Mateby -ˏ‵ mochiʹˎ-
"I, Y/n, rejec-" "Don't. Even. Dare." he growls. You're mad. How dare he use his alpha tone. She hated him. Despised his whole being. She prefers to...
  • omega
  • taehyung
  • kim
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24 hours | kth by shooknae
24 hours | kthby 〰️mochi〰️
Status : COMPLETED Best ranking: #25 in fanfiction Chaemin, a very smart, decent girl gets locked in a mall for a day with Taehyung, an extremely reckless and indecent b...
  • 24hours
  • taetae
  • bangtan
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•Mine•\\ Kim Taehyung ff by Kpop-makes-me-cry
•Mine•\\ Kim Taehyung ffby Kpopmakesmecry
Y/N is a 20 year old girl who takes care of her 5 year old little brother because her parents don't care for Y/N, but they did care about her little brother. Their paren...
  • jungkook
  • kpop
  • bts
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Lost Sister - BTS x Reader by -idkachenle
Lost Sister - BTS x Readerby ˗ˏˋ 𝕒 𝕤 𝕥 𝕖 𝕣 ˊˎ˗
"Is it something bad?" I question. "Depends on how you take it." Jin replies, "Now, do you have any siblings?" I gave him an annoyed expr...
  • lost
  • min
  • jin
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15 Days ➶ k.taehyung by lambskwer
15 Days ➶ k.taehyungby 🍾
❝ i know im supposed to be acting but holy shit im actually genuinely in love with you,❞ © lambskwer // irhea
  • kth
  • bangtan
  • kim
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Noona, I Hate You! ✔️•Jeon Jungkook Royal AU• Editing in Process• by LaikaTaehyung
Noona, I Hate You! ✔️•Jeon LaikaTaehyung
A loud cry echoed through the corridors of the palace, mainly coming from the Prince's room. "I want Noona here and NOW!" Cover Credit To @LaikaTaehyung 6/16/2...
  • jeon
  • park
  • taehyung
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CAT EARS - taegi - by jokingacademy_
CAT EARS - taegi -by drac
where yoongi hates his life and taehyung finds it cute and funny smut is in chapter 14 you horndogs vietnamese translation @WWCT_TEAM
  • cat
  • yoongi
  • jin
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teach me | kim taehyung (18+, EDITED) by impuritae
teach me | kim taehyung (18+, —
you've always had a crush on taehyung, but something that stopped you was that he was a player. a hot, sexy, manipulating player. taehyung needed a hand in english from...
  • bts
  • bangtansonyeondan
  • fanfiction
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texting + by fvckboytae
texting + k.thby micha
"Who the fuck is texting me?"
  • kim
  • bts
  • text
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Boss | Lee Taeyong • mafia au by baekedbam
Boss | Lee Taeyong • mafia auby 安娜
"tell me, how did the girl that had it all end up with the most infamous Mafia boss?" "well it all started with some ice cream" highest ranks: #1 i...
  • nct
  • kpopfanfic
  • lee
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OUR SECRET. ━ TAEKOOK ✓ by kimnamsoon
[ completed ] -- ❝ i'm tired being your secret, jungkook. ❞ Where Jungkook tries to hide his relationship with Taehyung from the public. What if he's ready...
  • jeongguk
  • wattys2018
  • jungkook
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Hi Stranger by phoenixforever03
Hi Strangerby phoenixforever03
Highest ranking #1 Witty (26/8/2018) Tae and Tee are strangers. One fine day, Tae sends a message to Tee by mistake. A series of messages then follow between them. What...
  • textfriends
  • tae
  • witty
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Blush | y.m & n.j by yoonminlland
Blush | y.m & n.jby yoonminlland
Two brothers are both diagnosed with Idiopathic craniofacial erythema, a rare blushing disease. Due to this disease, the two can never keep their feelings to themselves...
  • kimnamjoon
  • yoonmin
  • kim
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Bully or boyfriend ?    Vkook smut  by bt21stories
Bully or boyfriend ? Vkook smut by bt21stories
  • taehyung
  • btsfanfic
  • jeongguk
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