Chapter 7

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I jump out of bed! Never in my life have I been so happy to hear my alarm in a morning. I check my phone and see the time is 10:05 AM. I pick it up and check my messages.

" Hi Y/N, hope you have settled in well, let me know how you are doing and call me when you are free. I hope your interview goes well, we are all so proud of you xx"
I reply letting her know I am fine.

2 hours later

PING. my phone goes off and I check it. A message from Wahaj.
"I will be at the hotel in around half an hour, make sure you have everything you need ready"
I check my bag for my essentials and sit down.

Narrator's POV

Half an hour to spare, Y/N pulls out his phone and opens YouTube. He watches his favourite music videos, including 'who's your mama,' by JYP himself.

Quickly, the time passes and Y/N receives another text.
"I have just arrived, I will be at your room in 5 minutes"
Y/N stands up from the couch and puts in his jacket.

Your POV

He's here! I hurry over to the door and open it.
(Wahaj) "Good morning, are you ready to go?"
(Y/N) "Good morning, I am."

We leave the hotel and return to the cab.

20 minutes later, we arrive.

Narrator's POV

The cab pulls in to the special parking space, specially reserved for Y/N. Wahaj slides the door and helps Y/N out. He then guides you through the main entrance past the café and reception.

Your POV

I wonder if I will see any idols. Maybe a Twice or Day6 member will be here. I'd love to meet one of them. I follow Wahaj through the main lobby and up the elevator. We come out on the main floor where the interview offices are. I am taken to the main one where I am told to wait outside. I try looking in through the window, but the patterns in the glass make it hard to see. After a minute, the door is opened and Wahaj signals me in...

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