Chapter 5

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A week later

(Mother):(y/n)!! Have you packed all your clothes for the flight tomorrow

(Y/n):okay mum I will start packing right now

I still can't believe I was scouted to be a JYPe traine and that my parents allowed me to become on.

The next day

Narrator POV

Y/n wakes up. He looks at the clock

3:00 AM

The day was beginning. It was the day he had planned to leave home to achieve his dreams and nothing was going to stop him.

Y/n quickly, but quietly got up from his bed. He walked over to his closet. Opening it and grabbing the last remaining clothes.

Y/n had just put them on. After quickly looking over his self in the mirror he grabbed his two large bags of belongings and and left his parents house.

Y/n's POV

I called a taxi to take me to the nearest airport.

time skip (because the author is lazy)


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