Chapter 16

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Your POV

Once again, I pull myself out of bed. This morning however, feeling more depressed than ever.

Yesterday was one of the worst days, I have ever had. I was convinced I had a chance with her. Clearly not. Seeing how she bonded with Bang Chan, definitely showed me our relationship will never get anywhere serious. Perhaps I should just be grateful for the opportunity to be her friend, but now I know her personally, I can't help but want that bit more.

I have no plans for today, nothing scheduled. I need to spend the day, clearing my head. I need to focus on debuting now. That is why I came to Korea after all. Getting distracted by something that will never happen, is just a ridiculous way to spend my time.

Dahyun's POV

I should really message him soon. I'm feeling nerves though, I don't know what to say.

Perhaps I should ask some of the girls, they may be able to help.

(Dahyun) "Hey Jeongyeon, can I ask you something?"

(Jeongyeon) "Sure what is it?"

(Dahyun) "You know the guy I was telling you all about the other day?
Well I was meant to go out with him yesterday but I had to go and MC on Gayo Daechukje. I didn't get chance to let him know, so he was waited for me and I didn't turn up.
Anyway, how should I apologise to him, without making him even angrier it more upset?"

(Jeongyeon) "Just tell him the truth and that your sorry. If he likes you, then he will understand and accept your apology."

(Dahyun) "Alright, thanks for the advice."

I leave Jeongyeon'd room and head back to my own. On the way, I bump in to Momo.

(Dahyun) "Hi Momo, are you alright?"

(Momo) "I'm fine thanks... Ooo, how are things with... Y/N was it? Have you still speaking with him?"

(Dahyun) "Well, abouth that. I was suppose to go out with him yesterday."

(Momo) "Weren't you on Gayo Daechukje?"

(Dahyun) "Yeah, I had to go and MC rather than going out with him. I couldn't tell him either, so now he must be really annoyed with me. I need to apologise, but I'm not sure how."

(Momo) "It is best if you just tell him the truth. If you make up excuses, then he will find it harder to trust you in the future."

(Dahyun) "That's good advice, I'm going to message him now. Thanks"

I open the door to my room, when I find Tzuyu sat on the bed with my phone.

(Tzuyu) "Oh! Urgh... Hey."

(Dahyun) "What are you doing with my phone?"

(Tzuyu) "I heard it go off, so I checked to see what it was. When I saw it was Y/N I stopped looking."

(Dahyun) "Hey, you shouldn't be so nosey, what if it was something important?"

(Tzuyu) "I'm sorry."

I take the phone from Tzuyu and check the messages. They are from yesterday...

After contemplating what to say, I finally find the courage to message him.


Dahyun: Hi, Y/N. I'm really sorry about not turning up yesterday. I don't want to make any excuses, so I will just be honest with you. I had to MC at Gayo Daechukje. I asked if anyone else could take my spot, but I was told no. I understand if you are angry with me, I'm sorry and I hope we can go out again.

Sent 18:41

Hopefully that will work...

Your POV


I look over to my right and see my phone screen lit up. I stretch over the arm of the couch, to grab it and see what it was. The screen reads...

1 new message.

I open the notification and read the message.

It's Dahyun. I don't know how to feel. Yes, I am disappointed and upset about yesterday, but am I really in the position to feel this way? Less than two weeks ago, Dahyun was just my Ultimate Bias. Now, she is sending text messages apologising to me.

The message makes me realise just how important she is to me. I can easily forgive her, no matter what she does.

Y/N: Thank you for your honesty. I was disappointed and upset, but that is just because I want to spend time with you. I understand that you are a famous idol and that may get in the way at times. Don't worry about it.

Sent 18:45

The message sends and I sit back feeling somewhat satisfied. At least she was honest and sincere.

A few minutes later, my phone goes off again.

Dahyun: Thanks for understanding, are you ok?

Seen 18:49

Y/N: Yeah, I'm better now we have spoken.

Seen 18:50

Dahyun: Same here, I wasn't sure how you would feel. Shall we make plans for the weekend?

Seen 18:52

Y/N: Yeah of course, same place?

Seen 18:53

Dahyun: Sure, I really want to go and I think you are the best person to go with.

Seen 18:53

Y/N: Hahaha, thanks.

Seen 18:54

We continued talking for a while until Dahyun tells me she is going to eat.

I feel a lot better now we have spoken. I'm still worried about Dahyun and Bang Chan however. I don't know if there is something going on between them, but it sure looked as though there is.

Dahyun's POV

That went well, he seems to be fine now. I should tell the others and thank them for their help.

(Dahyun) "Hey Momo, I talked to Y/N. We are fine now. Thanks for the help."

(Momo) "I'm happy to hear that, did you make any plans together?"

(Dahyun) "Yeah, we are going to go out on Saturday instead."

(Momo) "Nice, have a good time together!"

I head to Jeongyeon's room where I find her talking with Nayeon.

(Dahyun) "Hey guys, I spoke with Y/N. We sorted everything out and we are going to Bukhansan on Saturday instead."

(Jeongyeon) "Great, enjoy it!"

(Nayeon) "That's good to hear, do you think anything will happen?"

(Dahyun) "I'm not sure. I don't even know if dating a guy is a good thing, but we get on really well. He might not even think of me that way, so perhaps not."

(Nayeon) "How couldn't he?"

Jeongyeon and I both laugh at what she says. I thank them both and head back to my room.

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