Chapter 10

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Narrator's POV


Y/N's phone receives a text message from a new contact

Group Chat


Hi guys, I created a group chat for us!

Seen 21:28


Hey! How are you both?

Seen 21:29


I'm great!

Seen 21:29


I'm also great, thanks for asking, how was rehersal?

Seen 21:30


It went really well, we are almost ready for our comeback now!

Seen 21:31


Yeah, we are all used to the new dances and songs.

Seen 21:31

Y/N and the girls continue talking about the comeback until Jihyo decides she is going to go to bed soon and turns her phone off. It is just you and Dahyun left talking.


Shall we talk in private messages seen as it is just the two of us?

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Your POV

This is so fun, I'm texting Dahyun right now!



So, tell me more about yourself, I'm interested in your background.

Seen 21:58


Well, I am from the UK and have been dancing since I was 5. I'd wanted to be a performer since a young age so I focused on dance. As you know, I was recently scouted and now I am here lol.

Seen 22:00


Wow, you've been dancing for nearly 16 years? That's a lot of dedication!

Seen 22:02


Yeah, it's pretty much the only thing I've been passionate about.

Seen 22:03

We continue talking for another half an hour, getting to know eachother more and laughing with eachother at our funny stories. I can still feel a connection between us, even over text messages.


I should probably go now, it's getting late and I need to be up early tomorrow.

Seen 22:36


You're right, I didn't even notice the time! You should definitely get some sleep now.

Seen 22:37


You too, don't stay up too late. We can talk again tomorrow morning before I go to my vocal lessons.

Seen 22:38


Of course! I will look forward to it, thanks!

Seen 22:39

We wish eachother a goodnight. I close my phone and lie on the bed. Full of joy and love, I squeel like an excited pig.

Dahyun is the best person I've ever met. I love her so much. She is just so positive; caring and pretty!

Dahyun's POV

Y/N is so great! He's really funny and kind. Also kinda handsome! uWu!..

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