Chapter 13

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Your POV

Again, I am woken by the same BINGING sound of my alarm. Although this morning, I am feeling even happier than the previous. Quickly, I check my phone for a message from Dahyun.

There is a message but not from Dahyun, it was Mr Chang.

Mr Chang

Mr Chang: Have you spoken to any of the others yet?

Seen 10:04 AM

Y/N: No, It was too soon to message them yesterday. I will talk with them later today.

Sent 10:05 AM

He doesn't see the message straight away.

What am I going to say to them? I can't apologize to them because I didn't really do anything wrong. I suppose I will just have to ease in to them and get to know them slowly.

I open the group chat to see if anyone was speaking in it

Group Chat

Mr Chang: I have created this group chat so we can all talk easily together. I will give you updates on here.

Seen 10:07 AM

The message was sent yesterday, but nobody has responded to it.

Sungjin's POV

I should probably get in touch with Y/N. I can't imagine he is feeling so great after the meeting yesterday, especially with how the others talked to him.


Sungjin: Hey Y/N, how are you?

Sent 13:38 PM

I hope he responds, I don't want him to feel lonely and out of place. I remember what it was like to be in his position, he needs to know he has a friend, especially if we are to work together.

Your POV

I hear my phone go off, I walk over and inspect it. I knew it wasn't Dahyun as she is currently at rehearsal.

To my surprise, I see a message from Sungjin. What could he want? I read the message and am instantly shocked. I am so happy that he wants to talk with me, I was dreading seeing any of them again.


Seen 13:43

Y/N: Hi Sungjin, I'm good thank you for asking. Is there something wrong?

Seen 13:46

Sungjin: No there is nothing wrong, I just wanted to know if you're alright.

Seen 13:46

Y/N: Oh ok, I really appreciate that. How are you?

Seen 13:47

Sungjin: I'm fine thanks, what are you up to?

Seen 13:48

Y/N: I've just come home from the gym, what about you?

Seen 13:48

Sungjin: I was just watching T.V, so nothing special. I need need to ask you something.

Seen 13:49

Y/N: urm ok sure, what is it?


Sungjin: How did you feel after the meeting? I know it was probably difficult for you to deal with. The other guys were unfair on you.

Seen 13:53

Y/N: You're right, it was really depressing. I can tell they dislike me and it worries me, because I know it is going to be difficult for us to work together.

Seen 13:55

Sungjin: I know how you feel. When I first met the group a few years ago, they were the same with me. They are good guys when you get to know them, but they are just too proud. Especially Minho, he's always kinda been the leader of our friend group, as he is the oldest. He is angry that you are going to be the leader but you seem to be capable of the role, so why shouldn't you be?

Seen 13:59

Y/N: I appreciate your honesty, it feels good to know I have someone looking out for me

Seen 14:00

Sungjin: No problem, I can tell you're a good guy, and perhaps someone we are missing in our group. It's good to have you with us.

Seen 14:02

Sungjin: I will see you at the next meeting, I think it will be tomorrow. Have a good day.

Seen 14:05

Y/N: Ok, thanks, see you later

Seen 14:06

The conversation begins to die down and we both stop texting. Still, I am happy that he reached out to me. I feel far more confident now, the next meeting should go smoother.

Narrator's POV

After a few hours, you receive another text message. This time though, it is from a special someone.

Your POV

I hear my phone go off in the next room. I walk over to it and see Dahyun has messaged me.


Dahyun: Hey Y/N, I've just got back to the dorm, how are you?

Seen 17:20

Y/N: Hi, I'm great thanks how was practice?

Seen 17:21

Dahyun: It was fun today, we had a more relaxing day, after our hard work throughout the week. You seem to be in a good mood, did something happen.

Seen 17:22

Y/N: Yes actually, Sungjin, one of the other trainees messaged me earlier today. He was checking in on me and making me feel better about the rest of the group.

Seen 17:23

Dahyun: That's great! I'm really happy to hear that. I told you you would be ok, you're too nice to be disliked by anyone.

Seen 17:23

Y/N: Haha, thanks lol.

Seen 17:23

Dahyun: What are you up to tomorrow?

Seen 17:24

Y/N: I think I have another meeting with the rest of the group.

Seen 17:24

Dahyun: Ahh ok, I hope it goes well for you. We need to meet up again, when you are free.

Seen 17:25

Y/N: Of course! I will be free the day after tomorrow, do you have a plan?

Seen 17:25

Dahyun: I was thinking we could go out for the day. Perhaps Bukhansan? I've wanted to go for a while now, I think it would be nice.

Seen 17:26

Y/N: Sounds good to me, it also gives me a chance to see more of the area.

Seen 17:27

Dahyun: Great! I'll look forward to it.

Did Dahyun just ask me out on a date? Bukhansan could be a kinda romantic spot. This feels strange, why would Dahyun like me?

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