Chapter 26

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Narrator's POV

Day 1 of music video filming.

Y/N wakes up to the sound of the alarm once again. It's Monday and the week of filming begins. Feeling excited and apprehensive for the first session, you check your phone and see messages in the group chat.


Mr Kang: Good morning everyone, today is the start of the music video production. Transport will be provided for you all. See you soon.

Seen 8:32

Filming starts at 11. You begin to get ready before before receiving a message from Wahaj.

Wahaj: Hi Y/N, I will pick you up outside the hotel in an hour.

Seen 8:37

An hour later and you stand outside the hotel as Wahaj pulls up. He takes you to the filming studio and drops you off outside.

Standing outside the main entrance is Mr Kang who greets you and takes you in to the studio.

(Mr Kang) "This is the studio we are using to film in today."

(Y/N) "Wow, look at all the equipment."

Mr Kang takes you to the rest of the group. A while later, you are introduced to the recording team and then get ready for shooting the video.

Before getting dressed, you are given a walkthrough of the music video and how it will be. To compliment the EDM backing track, the producers have proposed a colourful and visually appealing music video. The video will present cultural difference in order to present the ideal caring and accepting society.

The group are all excited by the concept. They are then taking to the changing rooms where they are given their outfits for the first part of the song you are filming today.

You put on your outfit: a pair of white chinos, a navy blue suit jacket and a black v neck t-shirt, all sat on top of a pair of navy blue canvas vans.

The group line up in the mirror, all their outfits complimentary with one another.

(Minho) "Wow, we look incredible!"

(Doyoon) "Wow"

Everyone expresses their happiness with the outfits and then go in to the filming hall.

The team take you through the first scene. To relate to the theme of cultural difference, the music video includes different streets all of which set in separate countries. The opening scene is set in 'Teheran-ro,' the busiest Street in Seoul.

The group struggles to get used to filming at first but soon adapt to their roles.

Within the first half an hour, the first part is complete. You move on to the second scene which is given the backdrop of 'Oxford Street' in London. This setting is dedicated to Y/N to show his background and represent his home country. The choreography works well with the scenery. Another outfit change is made, this time each member wears a different coloured Adidas tracksuit with a matching baseball cap. After an hour's work, you finish both scenes.

As the time hits 1PM, the group are given a lunch break.

(Sungjin) "See Doyoon, we are doing really well. There's nothing to worry about."

(Doyoon) "Yeah, you're right."

(Y/N) "I have an announcement to make everyone."

(Sungjin) "What is it?"

(Y/N) "After practice the other day, Mr Kang asked me to tell you all about new living arrangements. Now we are a group, we will be moving into a new dorm in the next few weeks."

(Shiwoo) "That's great news!"

(Minho) "I hope it's bigger than our current dorm."

(Y/N) "The rooms are separated into a room of four and a room of two. He wanted me to decide who shares, so we can decide now."

(Jisub) "How will we choose?"

(Doyoon) "I don't really mind where I sleep."

(Minho) "Me neither."

(Y/N) "Well, I was thinking I'd stay in the room for two seen as I've been here for the shortest time."

(Shiwoo) "That makes sense, if you're happy with that then I don't see the problem."

(Minho) "So who else is sharing with you then?"

(Doyoon) "I think Sungjin should, you two get on really well."

(Sungjin) "Oh... Yeah, Urmm sure."

(Y/N) "That's fine by me, it's sorted then. Is everyone happy?"

(Everyone but Sungjin) "Yeah."

(Y/N) "Sungjin?"

(Sungjin) "Sorry, yeah."

(Y/N) "alright then, I'll let Mr Kang know later."

Sungjin's POV

I should've said something. I don't think I will feel confident sharing a room with just Y/N, it might be awkward.

Narrator's POV

After discussing living arrangements, the group finish eating and continue to record the next scene. It only takes half an hour until the producers are satisfied with the recording. Today's filming ends after the third scene is filmed.

(Mr Kang) "Great work today everyone, I know it was your first time filming but you all looked so natural. Tomorrow we will be recording the middle part of the song with different outfits and a new setting."

The group thanks Mr Kang and the production team.

Day 2 of music video filming

The group are given new outfits for the second half of the video. This time, Y/N is dressed in an over-sized white t-shirt, black ripped skin-tight jeans, high-top canvas shoes, all of which topped by a cherry-like red beanie.

Filming for scene 3 begins, this time it is in 'Times Square,' New York. The upbeat choreography and backing track fits perfectly with this setting. It is an easy part to film and only takes 20 minutes to perfect.

Moving on to scene 4, which is set in a white room, allows the focus to shift on to the choreography. During the fourth scene, Jisub, the lead dancer, is given a dance solo which dominates thisnsegment of the video. A simple and easy scene means it is finished within 15 minutes.

Day 3 of music video filming

The group go back to the recording studio on Thursday after a break on Wednesday. Today is the last day of filming.

Before changing in to your outfits for the final scenes, Mr Kang gives you all a quick message.

(Mr Kang) "We have nearly finish the music video, you've all done a great job and it is coming along really well. Keep up the good work."

Everyone thanks him and you begin recording.

Two hours later, you finish the last scene of the video.

(Producer) "Cut!

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