Chapter 21

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Narrator's POV

Time skip to Thursday morning.

On Wednesday, you were at another rehearsal with the group.

Ring! Ring! Ring! ... Ring! Ring! Ring!

Feeling hyper and excited, you eagerly get out of bed and silence your alarm. The repetitive ringing did not bother you this morning. There are more important things to think about. Most important of which, your date with Dahyun!

You check the time on your phone and see it is 10:04 AM. You had agreed to meet with Dahyun at 2PM, giving you plenty of time, to get ready for the day.
Half way through getting ready, you receive a text message from her.


Dahyun: Hi, just wanted to check you're awake lol.

Seen 11:37

Y/N: Wow hahaha, of course I'm awake.

Seen 11:38

Dahyun: Well, I just wanted to make sure lol, how are you?

Seen 11:39

Y/N: Excited!

Seen 11:39

Dahyun: Good, me too!

Seen 11:40

Y/N: Will you be there at 2?

Seen 11:40

Dahyun: You bet!

Seen 11:41

You continue to get ready. Half an hour later, you head out and make your way to the park. On your way, you go to a café and buy yourself and Dahyun sandwiches to eat at Bukhansan.

You reach the park at 20 to 2. Finding a free bench, you sit and wait for Dahyun to arrive. 10 minutes later, you see eachother and wave.

(Dahyun) "Your here, how long have you been waiting?"

(Y/N) "Not so long, about 10 minutes."

(Dahyun) "Ok, shall we go to the bus stop?"

After a short walk to the bus stop, you get on the bus which conveniently arrives as you do. Quickly finding spare unoccupied seats, you rush to sir down as Dahyun takes the window seat towards the back of the bus. You both relax. Relieved and happy to be together, you exchange excited and joyous smiles.

(Dahyun) "Wanna share earphones? We can listen to music."

(Y/N) "Yeah sure, thanks."

She hands you the left earphone and opens her phone.

(Dahyun) "What shall we listen to?"

(Y/N) "Anything, you can choose."

With an unrevealing smile, Dahyun starts to type in a song. Seconds later, you hear the sweet melody of IU's 'Pitiful' enter your ear. Dahyun looks and smiles explaining how it has always been one of her favourite songs.

Throughout the hour bus drive to Bukhansan, you take turns choosing songs to listen to. Finally, you are interrupted by the bus driver calling the last stop, as you pull up outside the park entrance.

(Dahyun) "We're here! Finally!"

(Y/N) "Let's go."

You get out of your seat and off the bus. Dahyun takes lead and heads to the gate. Laying your bag on the nearest bench, you discuss the plans for the day and the route you'll take.

(Y/N) "Well we've got until sundown to explore so shall we start?"

(Dahyun) "Yeah, let's go!"

The expedition begins as you head up the first set of steps, taking you to the opening of a small woods. Together, you walk through admiring the scenery and nature around you. Singing of birds, rustling of leaves and the quiet whistles from the wind create an almost dreamy setting.

As time passes, you decide to rest and find a place to sit. A large, smooth rock provides a perfect seat for the both of you to relax.

(Y/N) "It feels good to sit for a while, are you hungry?"

(Dahyun) "Yeah, did you bring food?"

(Y/N) "Of course, I came prepared."

You un-zip your rucksack and take out the sandwiches you bought earlier, then hand one to Dahyun. Tired and hungry, you quickly finish your sandwiches and drinks.

A short while later, you set off again to finish the journey to the peak of the mountain. Within 20 minutes, you arrive at the top and take in the view.

(Dahyun) "This is incredible, I'm so happy I finally got to see the view!"

(Y/N) "It's beautiful."

The time reads 6:53 as you check your phone, noticing the sun beginning to set.

(Y/N) "let's head down before it gets dark and we get lost."

(Dahyun) "Yeah, let's find a spot to watch the sunset."

Returning the way you came from, you make your way back to the main path which leads from the top of the mountain to the main entrance of the park. Nestled away within a cluster of trees, Dahyun finds another rock, appropriate for sitting on. There is a clear view of the sun ahead.

(Dahyun) "Let's take a quick picture together before the sun goes.'

You huddle together, capturing the low, dim remains of the sun which are starting to be covered by distant mountain tops.

(Dahyun) "Perfect!"

She smiles at you and stands by your side.

(Y/N) "Today has been really nice."

(Dahyun) "It's been the best, I'm so happy you are with me here."

You are taken back by her comment. Despite being asked by her to come, it still shocks you that this is happening.

You don't reply, resulting in the two of you just standing together.

Slowly, you both rest your arms by your side. You glance over to her and look away as you see her turn her head. Nervously, Dahyun looks away. Unexpectedly, your hands brush together and in the spur of the moment, you take her hand in yours and hold it. Instantly worrying about what you did, you let go and apologise.

(Y/N) "I.. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do that..."

She doesn't respond or turn her head, but takes your hand back and interlaces her fingers with yours.

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