Chapter 31

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I wake up the next morning for the first time in the new dorm. It feels weird, awakening to the new surroundings but it feels natural, as if I am waking up in my own home.

Sungjin sleeps the alarm and sits up.

(Sungjin) "Good morning."

(Y/N) "Morning, did you sleep well?"

(Sungjin) "Yeah thanks."

We go into the living room where Doyoon and Shiwoo are already sat.

(Shiwoo) "Hey guys."

(Sungjin) "Hi, where are the others?"

(Doyoon) "They're in the kitchen."

(Y/N) "Are they cooking breakfast?"

(Shiwoo) "I think so."

I walk into the kitchen, Minho is hovered over the stove whilst Jisub stands at the coffee machine with 6 mugs all set out in a row across the counter.

(Y/N) "Good morning guys."

(Jisub) "Hey Y/N, coffee?"

(Y/N) "Please, thanks!"

I help Jisub carry the cups into the living room after they are made and sit at the table awaiting Minho's food.

He comes in with: a large pan (containing a vegetable omelette,) a bowl of soy-sauce seasoned tofu, kaktugi; rice and coleslaw.

(Y/N) "Wow! This looks incredible!"

(Doyoon) "Minho is the chef in the group haha."

(Jisub) "It looks delicious!"

(Minho) "Haha thanks, let's eat!"

Narrator's POV

After breakfast the group relaxes in the lounge.

You take the time to message Dahyun again. Still there is no reply from your previous message.

Y/N: Hi, how are you?

Sent 11:27

Y/N: We moved into our new dorm today, it's so big!

Sent 11:31

Y/N: And it's really close to the office.

Sent 11:31

The messages pile up on the right hand side of the phone screen. Still there is no reply or sign of activity.

Dahyun's POV

Bing!... Bing!...Bing!...

I can hear the sound of messages coming through. I don't dare to look at them. I can't.

(Chaeyoung) "Aren't you going to look at your phone?"

(Dahyun) "I can't."

(Chaeyoung) "I understand that you're nervous but you need to speak to him at some point."

(Dahyun) "I know, but what do I say?"

(Chaeyoung) "I think you should meet with him again and tell him."

(Dahyun) "You're right, I can't talk to him over text about it."

I take my phone and open up the conversation.

Nervously, I begin to type...

Dahyun: Hi, I'm ok.

Sent 11:38

Y/N: I'm glad to hear, I was worried because you didn't reply to my last message.

Sent 11:40

Dahyun: Oh, sorry about that.

Sent 11:40

Y/N: Np, what are you up to?

Sent 11:41

Dahyun: Not much.

Sent 11:41

Y/N: I have the weekend off, would you like to go out again?

Sent 11:42

Dahyun: I was going to ask you the same thing.

Sent 11:43

Y/N: Oh ok, nice. Do you have something in mind?

Sent 11:43

Dahyun: Yeah.

Sent 11:44

Y/N: What is it?

Sent 11:44

Dahyun: I was thinking we could go to the office and find a free dance studio.

Sent 11:46

Y/N: Sure, what for?

Sent 11:47

Dahyun: To dance. I would like to dance with you.

Sent 11:47

Y/N: That sounds really nice.

Sent 11:48

Dahyun: You think so?

Sent 11:48

Y/N: Yeah, it's a good idea."

Sent 11:49

Dahyun: Thanks, is this Sunday ok?

Sent 11:50

Y/N: Sure, what time?

Sent 11:50

Dahyun: I don't know, 8?

Sent 11:51

Y/N: Sure, see you then.

Seen 11:51

Dahyun: Ok. Speak to you soon.

Sent 11:51

(Dahyun) "I did it."

(Chaeyoung) "What did you say?"

(Dahyun) "I asked him out again."

(Chaeyoung) "To do what?"

(Dahyun) "Dance. Dance together."

(Chaeyoung) "Oh... That sounds nice."

(Dahyun) "I want our last night together to be nice. Doing something we both love, together."

(Chaeyoung) "It's very thoughtful, you will be fine."

(Dahyun) "You think so?"

(Chaeyoung) "I know."

Your POV

I'm looking forward to Sunday, dancing with Dahyun will be incredible.

I go back into the living room where the rest of the group are still sat.

(Shiwoo) "Hey Y/N, we were just talking about what we could do. We were thinking of going bowling on Sunday."

(Y/N) "Sorry, I can't do Sunday. Something came up."

(Doyoon) "Oh ok, no worries."

(Y/N) "You can all go without me, it's no problem."

(Minho) "Alright, we can just go somewhere else another time then."

(Sungjin) "What are you up to on Sunday?"

(Y/N) "Oh, it's nothing important. It's just something to do with my solo."

I don't feel comfortable sharing my relationship with the rest if the group. I can't tell anyone about it.

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