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Parallel Universe | Twice x Reader  by minguinie
Parallel Universe | Twice x Reader by minamy
"Where am I?" "Welcome to my place" "What are you talking about? Where the hell am I?" A parallel universe, also known as a parallel dimens...
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ⱠØVɆ ØⱤ ₱₳ł₦   (Dahyun x Reader) by ZelimMandu
ⱠØVɆ ØⱤ ₱₳ł₦ (Dahyun x Reader)by Zelim
Having everything in the world and having so much power, but hiding behind the curtains and under a cover... "They say I have everything, but why do I feel empty?&q...
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another WORLD  | Twice X Reader by Dubungie
another WORLD | Twice X Readerby れえ
Welcome to a book that can confuse you to death. - Twice x FEM!reader
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One PUNCH [ Knock Out ]  by Dubungie
One PUNCH [ Knock Out ] by れえ
A sequel. -- Y/N became successful But she forgets... -- This is a second book, so if ya haven't seen the first one, then you won't understand anything ? I say, check th...
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𝐓𝐑𝐈𝐂𝐊 𝐈𝐓 | Chou Tzuyu by susancheeta
𝐓𝐑𝐈𝐂𝐊 𝐈𝐓 | Chou Tzuyuby ⁎⁺˳ 黑暗 ✧༚
(Used to be "artificial love") "Is she human?" I asked, poking her cheek. To my surprise it was hard as metal. "No, she's to pretty to be human...
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Twice Oneshots (Requests open) by ChaeKin
Twice Oneshots (Requests open)by Chaeeee
Just some oneshots Of twice where you guys can request what you want and I'll try to make it. This book is just when I don't know what to do with my time and Think it wi...
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'FATE' Dahyun X Male Reader (Part 1) by jamiee3804
'FATE' Dahyun X Male Reader (Part...by Baby Eagle
Having been presented with a great opportunity, (y/n) becomes a kpop idol with the company JYPe, meeting an incredible girl in the process. Read more to find out... Slow...
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Winter with you is different (twice x reader) by MOMOTHEMOGURI
Winter with you is different (twic...by MOGURING
Y/N was never happy she was cold she had friends but pushed them away her parents never loved her she was a introvert and had trust issues and had a horrible childhood b...
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My Decision ||Twice x Female Reader x Blackpink by bpljrj0808164
My Decision ||Twice x Female Reade...by bpljrj0808164
This is a story about a girl(you) living a normal and happy life. One day she decided to go to Korea to accomplish her goals there to be an Idol. But what if she met 13...
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flowers  ⋆kim dahyun x female reader⋆ COMPLETED by floppywhaley
flowers ⋆kim dahyun x female read...by send memes not nudes
flowers ⋆kim dahyun x female reader⋆ in which kim sonjin works at the flower shop where dahyuns girlfriend, sana, breaks up with her. highest rankings [#8 twice]
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Have you ever think how would it feel to raise your children just by yourself? No? Sadly, this is your case. Jeon Daejoon, is a young man around 25 years old, in charge...
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Feel Special by thennowanbuis
Feel Specialby Iris Taylor
Y/N is from a abusive family and has a passion for singing her father is a alcoholic and is on drugs, one day she was walking down the street to go to her job when she b...
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✴THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY✴ {{Twice Dahyun x Girl Reader}} by JihyoHaseul
✴THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY✴ {{Twice Da...by H I A T U S
[Competed] Y/N and Dahyun are RP'iers in Facebook. They are in a relationship (RS). One time, Dahyun left Y/N (Through Chats) and that leads Y/N to be so depressed and...
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My Bully (3): Twice Dahyun x Male Reader by MilkyWay2424
My Bully (3): Twice Dahyun x Male...by MilkyWay2424
This is part 3 of the "My Bully: Twice Dahyun x Male Reader" story
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𝔾𝕌𝕀𝕃𝕋𝕐 𝕃𝕆𝕍𝔼 by ZelimMandu
"They say to accept your pass so you can move on to the future... What if I don't remember my past?" Started: 1/4/20 Ended: ???
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The To-Do List | Dahyun × Reader by lageislate
The To-Do List | Dahyun × Readerby Lage Napper
Choe Y/n lives a simple life, just trying to survive high school. All goes well until she ends up in the bed of a husky-voiced stranger.
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Naughty List (Dahyun x reader) "Christmas" special by ipearpear
Naughty List (Dahyun x reader) "Ch...by ipearpear
Don't read if you get disturbed easily! If you're under 13, Don't read this book! (No, it's not smut) This book will only have one chapter, enjoy!
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I LIKE him but I LOVE her (Dahyun x Reader) by kimdhyn07
I LIKE him but I LOVE her (Dahyun...by Hirai Jokbal
"I did not expect that someone who I have loved the most would hurt me back." -Y/N #memesneverdie #knuckles
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what happened in summer 1984 / verhyun by creamyh_ao
what happened in summer 1984 / ver...by ella
it all started with thunders rumbling, and a huge car crash. the incident changed his whole life. because he found what he was looking for.
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A Cute Date With Dahyun by CamLoveHyoyeon
A Cute Date With Dahyunby CamLoveHyoyeon
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