Chapter 27

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Dahyun's POV

It's been a while since I last saw Y/N, he's been really busy recently. I know he has finished filming now so perhaps it's time I ask him out again. I'll see what he is up to.


Dahyun: Hi, how was the filming for the music video?

Sent 19:33

Y/N: Hi, sorry I haven't text sooner. It was really fun and it went really well thanks.

Seen 19:36

Dahyun: Don't worry about it, I know you've been busy, I'm happy it went well.

Seen 19:37

Y/N: Anyway, what are you up to?

Seen 19:37

Dahyun: Nothing much, I just finished watching Hyde Jekyll, Me on Netflix lol.

Seen 19:38

Y/N: Nice, was it good?

Seen 19:39

Dahyun: It was really good and it made me cry so much.

Seen 19:40

Y/N: Awww.

Seen 19:40

Dahyun: Lol, it was sad.

Seen 19:41

Dahyun: I wanted to ask you something.

Seen 19:41

Y/N: What is it?

Seen 19:41

Dahyun: Do you know when you are free to go out again?

Seen 19:42

Y/N: Yeah, I'm free this weekend.

Seen 19:43

Dahyun: Great! Is Saturday fine?

Seen 19:43

Y/N: Sure, what do you want to do?

Seen 19:43

Dahyun: I was thinking we could eat and then just go for a walk, is that ok?

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Y/N: That sounds nice, I'd love to."

Seen 19:44

After a while, we stop texting and I go to speak with the rest of the group, tonight everyone is together meaning I can talk to them all at once.

As I walk into the living room: Chaeyoung, Sana, Mina, Tzuyu and Nayeon are all sat watching the television. Meanwhile, in the kitchen are Jihyo and Jeongyeon, whilst Momo is in her room. I gather the girls in the living room.

(Dahyun) "I was hoping to speak with you all and get some advice."

(Jihyo) "What's up?"

(Dahyun) "Things are going really well between me and Y/N but I know it can't last. I hate that this is how it is but nobody can help it."

After explaining everything, they do their best to help and tell me what I should do.

(Nayeon) "Don't worry about it, explain yourself."

(Jeongyeon) "She's right, he will understand."

Hearing what the older members have to say helps a lot, they always talk sense when someone has a problem.

Time skip to Saturday evening.

I'm so nervous. I don't know how I'm going to handle tonight. I'm meeting with him in just over an hour and I can't relax. The girls have done their best to help and calm me down but nothing seems to work.

Suddenly, I hear a text message on my phone.


Y/N: Hi, just letting you know I'm on my way now, see you soon. x

Seen 17:48

I don't reply and leave the message. I finish my makeup and get ready to leave.

(Jihyo) "Good luck tonight, you'll be fine. When we first met him together we both knew how genuine he is. Everything is going to be ok."

Immediately I hug her and thank her for her help. As I pull away we smile at eachother, behind her I hear the others wishing me good luck.

On the way there, I can't help but worry. When I do arrive, I see Y/N standing outside the restaurant. He looks so handsome and cool.

Apprehensively, I walk up to him.

(Y/N) "Hi, are you alright?"

(Dahyun) "Yeah, I'm fine how about you?"

(Y/N) I'm great, I'm just looking forward to spending tonight together."

(Dahyun) "Yeah... Me too."

We enter the restaurant and are seated by the waiter. He takes our drink orders and leaves us.

(Y/N) "What do you fancy to eat?"

(Dahyun) "Anything, you can choose."

(Y/N) "Alright, how about Jokbal? I haven't tried it before."

(Dahyun) "Sure, I'll have to tell Momo when I get back."

He laughs at my remark.

(Y/N) "You'll make her jealous haha."

The waiter returns with our drinks and we order the jokbal. 10 minutes later, it comes and we start to eat.

(Y/N) "This is really nice, I'm surprised."

In twenty minutes, we finish our food.

(Dahyun) "I'll pay for it."

(Y/N) "You don't need to, my treat."

(Dahyun) "Please let me pay."

(Y/N) "Oh, ok alright."

I pay the bill and we leave together, heading to the park.

(Y/N) "Are you feeling alright? You're being quiet."

(Dahyun) "Yeah, I'm fine."

He sees the doubt in my eyes as he looks at me, in turn he takes my hand and holds it as we walk. Immediately, I feel content and safe. His touch gives me a warmth I only feel when I am with him, a feeling of happiness.

Slowly, we walk embracing the cool air and scenery. Holding on to him, I am at ease. I'm so lucky to have him by my side.

After a while, we stop to sit. Now is the time. I have to do it at some point.

(Dahyun) "Y/N?.."

(Y/N) "Yeah?"

The innocent look he gives me as he turns instantly outs me off. I can't do this. Not now. I'm not ready to let go of him yet.

(Y/N) "Are you ok?"

(Dahyun) "Oh... Yeah sorry."

I stand up off the bench to catch my breath. Now worried by my actions, he takes my arm and turns me around.

(Y/N) "What's going on? Are you alright?"

I stare him in the eyes. Those passionate pearls looking back at me. A tear rolls down my eye. I am overwhelmed by emotions.

(Y/N) "Why are you crying?"

He wipes the tears which have collected in my eyes.

Narrator's POV

As Y/N goes to speak again, Dahyun leans in to him. All of a sudden, she kisses him intensely. They hold their first kiss for a few seconds before she stops. They look at eachother, her heart aching for him and his for hers.

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