Chapter 14

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Narrator's POV

The day begins once again with the same BINGING sound, coming from your alarm. The time is 9:30 AM. Slowly, you sit up and look around. You then pull off your blanket and get out of bed. You head over to the kitchen and pour yourself a coffee, from the machine.

Today was the day of the second meeting with the other 5 trainees.

Y/N, still feeling worried despite the boost of confidence from Sungjin, begins to get ready.

He receives another message, this time it is the the group chat between Mr Chang and the group.


Mr Chang: the meeting is today at 5 PM, it will be held in Meeting Room 3 again, see you all then.

Seen 11:00

Sungjin: Thanks for letting us know, we will all be there.

Seen 11:02

Y/N: See you all there.

Seen 11:02

Even the group chat seems awkward, despite them not being in the same room.

Y/N finishes getting ready and a few hours pass. He receives another message, this one however, is from Wahaj who is on his way to pick you up.

You enter the cab, then set off to the JYPE building. As you pull up in front, you see the Sungjin and Minho entering. Sungjin spots the car and waits outside.

(Sungjin) "I think that is Y/N's cab, let's wait here for him."

(Minho) "Why? He knows his way to the office?"

(Sungjin) "So he has someone to walk with."

(Minho) "Fine then."

The two of them wait, Minho looks down and kicks at the leaves on the floor. Meanwhile, Sungjin stands there watching you as you get out the car. He waves at you as the two of you make eye contact.

(Sungjin) "Hey Y/N, are you good?"

(Y/N) "Hi, I'm fine how are you both?"

Minho awkwardly looks up and mumbles.

(Minho) "urmm yeah yeah I'm fine."

(Sungjin) "Yeah we are good."

You all walk together into the building, Sungjin is stood in the middle, absorbing the awkwardness and attempting to start a conversation with you both.

(Sungjin) "Are you both looking forward to the meeting?"

(Together) "yeah"

Eventually, you all reach the meeting room. Inside are the other trainees waiting.

(Sungjin) "Hey guys"

(Scattered voices) "Hi, Hey"

The group begin talking, Y/N still being isolated from the conversation.

10 minutes later, Mr Chang arrives

(Mr Chang) "Hi boys, I hope you have all caught up whilst waiting for me."

Your POV

We all sit down around the table again, I take the spot in between Mr Chang and Sungjin.

Mr Chang begins by explaining more plans, such as potential living arrangements. This topic clearly makes everyone uncomfortable, especially after explaining how there would be 3 people per room.

(Doyoon) "Urgh, can't we just be in rooms of one or two?"

(Jisub) "Yeah, that would be far easier."

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