Chapter 4

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Time skip before the concert ( because author is lazy)

I'm currently waiting in line at the twice concert and thanks to my new job I could afford the VIP tickets I wanted.

Ticket guy: next!

Y/n: here's my ticket

Ticket guy: VIP so you have some special seats so just follow the gold line to your left and you should be at your seats hope you have a great night

Another time skip after the concert
(This isnt part of the story just to show you that you are a big twice fan )

The concert was amazing I couldn't keep my eyes off my bias Dahyun see was so cute and amazing they all were it was such a great experience

After the concert it was still quite early so I decided to go to the dance studio where I like to blow off some steam and practice my dance. I love to dance I first got into it because of kpop and me having nothing to do most of the time.

One hour later

That was a great session I finally feel like I'm getting better with my routine

??? POV

He really has some talent maybe this is something JYPE is looking for


Y/n: ermm who are you

???: Oh sorry for not introducing myself I am Mr Chang I work as a scout for jyp entertainment

Y/n: s s so you work for jyp entertainment

Mr Chang: ha ha yes I just said that ... Well your probably wondering why I'm here, I'm here to scout for some new trainies for JYPe and i think you are just the person we are looking for

Y/n: s scout m me?

Mr Chang: yes y/n so I would like to give you to sign a form with your parents signituers and permission if you would like to comply

Y/n: yes I would love to becone a trainie for JYPe it would be a pleasure
Just let me ring my perents to come and sign the paperwork


Omg I've just been asked to become a traine for JYPe it's like a dream I just hope my perents allow me to move to South Korea for my dream

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