Chapter 25

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Your POV

Friday, the last rehearsal of the week has just finished. It has been a tough week and every one has really trained hard. We have now perfected our performance and learnt the lyrics to our debut song.

(Sungjin) "Good work this week guys."

(Jisub) "Yeah, well done everyone."

(Y/N) "Thanks guys."

(Minho) "I can't wait till next week, filming is going to be exciting."

(Doyoon) "It is, but I'm nervous. I've never really acted before."

(Shiwoo) "Don't worry about it Doyoon, we will do great!"

We leave the studio together. As I leave, one of the coaches stops me.

(Coach) "Y/N, can I borrow you for a moment please?"

(Y/N) "Sure, what's up?"

(Coach) "Mr Kang wants to see you, he's in his office."

(Y/N) "Oh ok, thanks for letting me know."

(Coach) "No problem, good work this week.'

I go after the rest of the group and tell them to leave without me. As they walk away, I enter the lift and make my way to the next floor.

Before me, enters a girl who I recognise.

(Y/N) "Hey, you're Jeongyeon right?"

(Jeongyeon) "Urmm yeah, are you lost?"

(Y/N) "No, I'm just in my way to my managers office."

(Jeongyeon) "Oh ok, are you a... Trainee?"

(Y/N) "Not anymore, I just became an idol."

(Jeongyeon) *gasps* "Wait... Are you Y/N?

(Y/N) "Yeah hahaha"

(Jeongyeon) "Oh my god!"

She instantly hugs me and shakes me

(Jeongyeon) "Dahyun wasn't wrong."

(Y/N) "What do you mean?"

(Jeongyeon) "Well she did say you are really handsome."

She casually smirks at me.

(Y/N) "She said that?"

(Jeongyeon) "Too right she did!"

The elevator dings and the doors open as we reach the third floor. The two of us step out.

(Jeongyeon) "I will only be a few minutes, can we meet up afterwards?"

(Y/N) "Yeah sure, I won't be long."

It's really cool meeting Jeongyeon, but why does she want to meet with me again?

I knock on Mr Kang's door and he calls me in.

(Mr Kang) "Ahh Y/N, I'm glad you came."

(Y/N) "Hi sir, you wanted to see me."

(Mr Kang) "Please sit."

I pull up the chair opposite hid desk and sit.

(Mr Kang) "I asked you here because we now need to discuss living arrangements. Seen as you are now officially a group, we will be relocating you all to new dorms. There are six of you so there will be 2 rooms, a room of 4 and a room of 2. I'd like it if you would decide the rooms. You can talk to the rest of the group and let me know next week."

(Y/N) "That's fine thanks sir. I'll let them know later. When will we be moving in?"

(Mr Kang) "We are hoping to have everything in place within two weeks."

(Y/N) "Ok, is that everything?"

(Mr Kang) "Yes for now, I will get in touch if there's anything else we need to discuss, have a good day."

(Y/N) "Thanks sir."

I stand up and leave the office, waiting at the end of the corridor is Jeongyeon who is stood with another girl.

Jeongyeon turns and spots me, she jumps and waves me over.

Whilst walking over, the other girl turns around and then covers her mouth.

(Sana) "Is that him?"

(Jeongyeon) "Yeah, isn't he cool?"

(Sana) "He is."

I chuckle after hearing their comments.

I look at Sana and greet her.

(Y/N) "It's nice to meet you."

(Sana) "Thanks."

(Jeongyeon) "Will you join us in the café for a while?"

(Y/N) "Sure."

We go down to the café and order drinks. Once sat down, the girls instantly start asking me about Dahyun.

(Jeongyeon) "Is it true that you held hands?"

(Sana) "Have you kissed yet?"

(Jeongyeon) "When are you going out again?"

(Y/N) "I don't think I should really tell you all this."

(Sana) "Oh please."

(Y/N) "We held hands, but that's all."

(Jeongyeon) "You two are so cute."

After a while, the girls get ready to leave. As they do, they say goodbye.

(Jeongyeon) "Thanks for sitting with us, good luck with your debut."

(Sana) "See you at the Music Bank."

(Y/N)"Thanks, see you soon."

Jeongyeon's POV

To Sana

(Jeongyeon) "Isn't he nice?"

(Sana) "He is, I hope everything goes well between them."

(Jeongyeon) "So do I, but it won't work after he debuts will it?

(Sana) "It can't and I'm worried for Dahyun."

A while later, we arrive back at our dorms. Sat in the living room is Dahyun with Nayeon, Chaeyoung and Momo.

(Sana) "Hi guys, guess who we ran in to at the office."

(Nayeon) "Who?"

(Jeongyeon) "Y/N!"

Dahyun freezes.

(Dahyun) "Y/N? What..m what did you say to him?"

(Jeongyeon) "We sat and had coffee with him."

(Dahyun) "Why? What happened?"

(Sana) "Don't worry about it, we just introduced ourselves to him."

(Dahyun) "Is that all, what did you talk about?"

(Jeongyeon) "We asked him about his debut and thatbwas pretty much it."

(Dahyun) "Did he mention me at all?"

(Sana) "Well we asked about you."

(Dahyun) "Asked what?"

I can tell she is stressed about it.

(Jeongyeon) "We only asked about your date. Don't worry, we didn't ask anything personal."

(Dahyun) "Ok, I'm just really nervous since he signed his contract."

(Sana) "That's understandable, don't worry too much."

Nayeon puts her arm around Dahyun to comfort her

Your POV

I leave the café shortly after Sana and Jeongyeon. That was a really weird talk. I don't feel comfortable talking behind Dahyun's back. I'm nervous about what they will tell her.

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