Chapter 6

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Exhausted after the 14 hour long flight, I wearily, pull myself up from my seat. Running on around 2 hours sleep in total and multiple cups of coffee I am still awake. How could I sleep, knowing I was on my way to Seoul to meet with JYP?

9:37PM read the illuminous clock at the exit of the airport. I look at my phone for the first time since finding a signal. Text messages instantly pop up on my screen. Unknown Number.
"There will be a cab waiting for you outside with a sticker of the company's logo. Show them this message and let them know who you are"
"They will take you to your hotel and take you in"
"You will also be transported from the hotel to the office at 1pm tomorrow, so make sure you are ready"

Oh my God, this must be JYP! I was just messaged by THE Park Jin-Young!

Suddenly full of excitement, I hurridly grab my suitcase and drag it through the crowds of people and rush through the main exit. I then scan the pavement for a JYP company car...

There it is! I wave my hand in the air to signal the Schaefer. I skip over to him with my suitcase and take out my phone. Proudly, I present him with the text messages from JYP.
(Schaefer) "Ahh Y/N, it's great to meet you, I'm Wahaj. I'll be helping you around until your meeting tomorrow."
Wahaj takes my suitcase and walks around to the boot of the cab.
I sit down on the luxury leather seats. This must be what it's like to be an idol. A personal Schaefer, your own transportation and free drinks.

After about a half an hour journey, we arrive at the hotel. Wow. It's so tall. I step out the cab, feeling like a Hollywood star entering the red carpet. Wahaj takes my suitcase from the boot and guides me to the hotel lobby.

5 minutes later, I am checked in and escorted by Wahaj and the hotel worker to my room. We enter the elevator, Up. Up. Up, all the way to the top. What a view! I can see the whole city.
(Wahaj) "I will let you settle in"
Wahaj hands me his business card which includes his picture and phone number.
(Wahaj) "Make sure to contact me if there are any problems, I will be here at 12:30 tomorrow"

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