Chapter 20

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The following morning, I wake up feeling far more positive and happy, than previous mornings. Everything is going well for the most part. Things are back on track between myself and Dahyun. The first rehearsal session was a success. I still need to work my way into the friend group, but it seems as though they are getting used to me.

I open my text messages with Dahyun and go over the plans for our Bukhansan date. Yes date.


Y/N: I just got out of practice, are you free to talk now?

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Dahyun: Yes, I'm here.

Seen 19:36

Y/N: Great, so shall we make plans?

Seen 19:37

Dahyun: Yeah, I was hoping you'd ask.

Seen 19:38

Y/N: Of course, I want to go as much as you do lol.

Seen 19:38

Dahyun: Lol ok. When are you next free?

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I check the schedule for the practice dates this week.

Y/N: I can do this Thursday, if that's ok for you.

Seen 19:42

Dahyun: That works for me. We have finished our comeback schedule so I am free up until the first comeback stage rehearsals.

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Y/N: That's great, how is the comeback?

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Dahyun: It went really well, I enjoyed working on it. I think you will like it lol.

Seen 19:45

Y/N: Haha, I don't doubt it!

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Dahyun: How was your rehearsal yesterday?

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Y/N: It went well, I'm sure you know how the first sessions are. We listened to the backing track and watched the choreography for the new song.

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Dahyun: Of course, they are always scary in my opinion.

Seen 19:48

Y/N: Yeah, before seeing hearing it, I was anxious. It's great though, I think it really fits our group well.

Seen 19:49

Dahyun: I'm happy to hear it went well. Are you on your way home?

Seen 19:50

Y/N: Yeah, I'm about to walk it. It's a nice night.

Seen 19:50

Dahyun: Be careful, it's getting late. Text me when you are home, so I know you're safe.

Seen 19:51

Y/N: I will do, I'll speak to you soon.

Seen 19:51

I can tell she is genuine with her concern. It feels good to know she cares.

A while later, I arrive home and tell Dahyun I'm back. We wish eachother a goodnight and I get ready for bed.

The following day, I return to the dance studio with the rest of the group and begin practice again. Today we focus solely on the lyrics and the song. I spent the majority of last night, learning the songs lyrics, specifically my lines. As the leader of the group, I have been given the most lines. The song is mainly hip-hop based and includes a solo from myself. I was told it would help to present my position to the audience. As we were told this, I could see Minho's reaction. He is disappointed with his lack of contribution towards the song.

After the today's rehearsals finish, Mr Chang enters the studio to check on our progress. We tell him we are all working hard and the team leader explains our strong points and weak points.

(Mr Chang) "It's good to hear you are all working hard, there is still a while to go until the debut stage, so there's plenty of time to improve and perfect the performance."

We leave the studio, as we walk out, Mr Chang calls me back.

(Mr Chang) "Hey Y/N, how are you with the others now?

(Y/N) "I think it's going better now, they all seem to be alright with me except Minho. I can tell he's jealous of my part in the debut compared to his."

(Mr Chang) "I can understand his frustration, but it's something he's going to have to accept if he wants to be part of a successful group."

(Mr Chang) "Please let the others know that there will be another meeting at the end of the week, you will all be given your official Idol contracts, as leader I feel it's something you should tell them."

(Y/N) "Alright, I'll let them know. I really appreciate your belief in my ability to be leader."

I leave the studio and catch up with the rest of the group. They are chatting amongst themselves, about the rehearsal.

(Y/N) "Hi guys, good job today!"

(Jisub) "Oh, thanks."

(Doyoon) "Yeah, it went well today."

(Sungjin) "Thanks, you did great today too!"

(Minho) "Yeah... Thanks."

(Shiwoo) "I can't wait till we debut!"

(Y/N) "Yeah, about that. Mr Chang asked me to tell you all there will be a meeting this Sunday."

(Minho) "What for?"

(Y/N) "We will be given our professional contracts, basically we will become official idols. We will no longer be just trainees."

(Sungjin) "That's great news!"

(Jisub) "Yeah, it's about time!"

We continue to talk about the meeting and our debut. We then split and head home. Once at my hotel room, I decide to send Dahyun a message.


Y/N: Hey, I just got back. How are you?

Sent 20:23

A few minutes later, she replies.

Dahyun: Hi, I'm Great. What about you, how was practice?

Seen 20:27

Y/N: I'm good, practice was really fun today. We focused on the song today, so I was able to show off my rapping skills lol. You'll have to give me some lessons at some point too.

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Dahyun: Hahahha, sure. Sounds like fun!

Seen 20:28

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