Chapter 19

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Sunday comes around, your first week is coming to an end. A roller coaster of emotions already. Thoughts, shooting through your mind constantly. Korea, being a trainee, your family and friends. But most significant... Dahyun.

You need answers. A form of validation. What is going to happen between the two of you? The heartache grows stronger now. You feel yourself fading away from her life. Is there anything you can do about it?

Dahyun's POV

I wake up. The same anxious feeling is disturbing me. I can't stop thinking about him. As I worry, I begin to realise more and more just how special he is. I don't know how strong my feelings for him are, but I'm sure time will tell.

I still can't get in touch with him... I'm not sure how I can. I need to ask for help, I think Jihyo will be able to. She has been really helpful ever since introducing me to Y/N.

I walk into the kitchen, to see her stood over the stove boiling a pan of ramen.

(Dahyun) "Hey Jihyo, can I ask you something?"

(Jihyo) "What's up?"

(Dahyun) "It's about Y/N."

(Jihyo) "Oh, of course then, what is it?"

(Dahyun) "I think I've done something wrong, I've been thinking about why he didn't meet me yesterday. He was looking forward to it, so there must be been a reason."

(Jihyo) "What do you think it was?"

(Dahyun) "I have no idea. What should I do? I need to speak with him."

Jihyo lifts the pan off the stove and takes two bowls out the cupboard. She gently pours the pan into the two bowls and slides one over to me.

(Jihyo) "Hear, eat this."

Narrator's POV

As they sit and eat, Jihyo begins to think about how Dahyun can talk to you. She comes up with a risky idea.

Meanwhile, at your hotel you receive a text message in the group chat.

Group Chat

Mr Chang: Tomorrow, will be your first rehearsals for the group's debut. You will be presented with the song itself and also the choreography. Practice starts at one.

Seen 12:42

Feeling down and lacking any motivation, you reply letting them knowing you will be there.

Y/N: Ok, I'll be there.

Seen 12:44

Minho: Yeah, we will all be there.

Seen 12:45

Doyoon: We can't wait!

Seen 12:45

Time skip to the next day.

Your POV


The alarm wakes me again with the same persistent ring. Today, is really the beginning of life as a trainee. My first rehearsal.

An hour and a half later, i head down to the reception to wait for Wahaj. He parks outside and I make my way to the car.

(Wahaj) "Good morning, are you alright?"

(Y/N) "I'm okay."

We set off and arrive at the JYPE building within the hour. As I enter the building, I see the time is half past 12, giving me time to get a coffee from the café.

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