Chapter 33

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Narrator's POV

Sungjin rushes into the living room.

(Sungjin) "Have any if you seen Y/N?"

(Jisub) "No... Why?"

(Sungjin) "I've just woke up and he wasn't in his bed!"

(Doyoon) "What do you mean?"

(Shiwoo) "Perhaps he has just gone out for something."

(Minho) "I've been up for a while and I didn't see him leave."

(Sungjin) "He wasn't home when we came back last night. I don't think he came home."

(Doyoon) "Where could he be?"

(Jisub) "I'm not sure, he said it had something to do with his solo."

(Shiwoo) "Should we ring Mr Kang?"

(Minho) "Not yet, we shouldn't worry him until we know what's going on."

(Sungjin) "I'll text Y/N now."

Sungjin: Y/N, where are you? Did you stay out last night?

Sent 10:24

(Sungjin) "Ok. I don't know if he will reply. I'm worried."

(Jisub) "Me too, but he should be fine right?"

(Minho) "If he went to the office then he should be safe."

(Doyoon) "Should we look for him there?"

(Sungjin) "I'll go now."

(Shiwoo) "I'll come with you."

Sungjin and Shiwoo get dressed to go to the JYPE building in the search for Y/N.

(Minho) "I'll text you if he comes back whilst you're out."

(Sungjin) "Ok, thanks. We will be back soon."

Meanwhile in twice's dorm, Nayeon finishes cooking breakfast for the group.

(Nayeon) "Breakfast is ready!"

The girls surround the table and sit down.

(Momo) "Is she not eating?"

(Tzuyu) "I don't think so, she's not said anything since coming home yesterday."

(Sana) "I'll bring her some food."

(Mina) "Yeah, I can't imagine she would want to sit with us all right now."

Sana takes a plate of food from the table and goes to Dahyun's room.


There is no reply so she slowly opens the door and peaks her head around.

(Sana) "Good morning."

She enters the room as Dahyun sits up and smiles at her.

(Dahyun) "Hi..."

(Sana) "I brought you some breakfast."

(Dahyun) "Thank you."

She takes the plate and rests it on her lap as she crosses her legs on the bed.

(Sana) "How are you feeling?"

She shakes her head nervously.

(Dahyun) "Not great..."

Sana pats her knee and rubs her arm to comfort her.

Sungjin and Shiwoo arrive at the JYPE building. They head to the reception to see if anyone has seen Y/N.

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