Chapter 9

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As Y/N walks through the lobby, he sees a familiar face standing across the hall. A girl waiting.


Why do I recognise her? I haven't spoken to many people in Korea since arriving last night. As I continue to look, she calls me over asking for help. I walk over to see the problem.

(Unknown) "Excuse me, please could I use your phone? Mine has died and I need to contact a friend"
Still confused by who I am talking to, I suddenly recognise her voice. Jihyo?! It is! I knew I recognised her. How is this possible? How could I stumble upon a member of my favourite K-Pop group? I have waited over 4 years to see them in person. I couldn't earn the money whilst home either to buy the concert tickets so I thought I'd never see them.
(Y/N) "Of course you can"
I hand her my phone with the 'phone' app open. I wait for her to finish before asking her any questions
(Jihyo) "Hi, sorry, my phone died. I am waiting outside the Café. 10 minutes? Ok, I'll see you soon"
She ends the call and hands me my phone.
(Jihyo) "Thank you for that"
(Y/N) "No problem, can I ask you something?"
(Jihyo) "Sure"
(Y/N) " Are you really Jihyo?"
She blushes then giggles gently.
(Jihyo) "Hehehe, yes I am. I'm happy to meet you, what's your name?"
I introduce myself and explain how I'm a huge fan of her work.
(Jihyo) " Thank you, that means a lot. I'm meeting a friend who I think you would like to meet, if you want to wait with me for a few minutes"
Could it be another member of Twice?
(Y/N) Sure, I'd love to!

5 minutes later, another girl approaches us from behind. We both turn around and that is when I feel as though I am in a dream. I gasp as I see Dahyun stood in front of me. Kim Dahyun! In person! My Twice bias is stood in front of me!
(Dahyun) "Hi, sorry I took a while."
She hugs Jihyo and then looks over to me and greets me. Shocked, I stand still like a statue.
(Y/N) "Urgh... urgh... h... h... hey...

Narrator's POV

As Y/N stands there, the two girls chuckle between themselves.
(Y/N) "Dahyun??"
Your eyes are fixated on her.
(Dahyun) "Yes it's me, are you alright?"
(Y/N) "Yeah Yeah, I'm great!
Quickly, Jihyo interrupts and asks you if you'd like to join the two of them for coffee.
You instantly accept her invitation and begin walking with them into the café.

Your POV

We find a table inside, we sit down and have our order taken. Jihyo orders her usual yoghurt smoothie, whilst Dahyun gets her beloved chocolate milk. I order a cappuccino. We then begin talking as I ask them both questions and explain my current situation. They were both eager to congratulate me and give me their best advice.

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