Chapter 17

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Narrator's POV

Y/N wakes up to the sound of a text message from Mr Chang.

The message explains how there will be another meeting at the office today, where everyone must sign a contract to confirm their position as a JYPE trainee.

Y/N gets out of bed and takes a shower. Afterwards, you check your phone to see a message in the group chat.

Group Chat

Mr Chang: Make sure you are all at the office by half one.

Seen by all

Doyoon: We will be there

Seen by all

Minho: Ok

Seen by all

You get ready and receive anothe text message, this time from Wahaj.


Wahaj: Hi Y/N I will be on the car park at quarter to one.

Y/N: Alright, thanks.

You continue to get ready for the meeting.
An hour passes and The clock reaches quarter to.

You head down to the car park and set off to the JYPE building.

(Wahaj) "Are you excited about signing your contract?"

(Y/N) "Of course, I will finally be able to achieve my dreams of becoming an idol."

(Wahaj) "It's just a matter of time now, until you will be out on stage!"

(Y/N) "I know, I can't wait!"

You arrive at the office 15 minutes early. You see Doyoon and Jisub walking in together, with Sungjin trailing behind.

(Y/N) "Hey Sungjin, are you ok?"

You jog over to walk with him.

(Sungjin) "Oh, hey."

There is an awkward tone in his voice, an uneasy response.

Sungjin's POV

I still feel stupid. Howcome everyone I meet, I never have a chance with? Y/N is undoubtedly one of the nicest people I have met, he is so handsome and caring. But how could I ever compare to Dahyun?

(Y/N) "Howcome you left so suddenly, when we're out the other day?"

(Sungjin) "Oh... I had an emergency."

I couldn't sit there and listen to him fantasising over Dahyun. I understand why he likes her and what can I do about that?

Narrator's POV

The group make their way to the meeting room. Inside, they find Shiwoo and Minho who are talking with Mr Chang.

(Minho) "I dont think this is a good idea..."

(Jisub) "What isn't a good idea Minho?"

(Mr Chang) "Oh it's nothing, don't worry about it."

There is a curious and confused atmosphere in the room. Mr Chang claps his hands, and tells everyone to sit down.

(Mr Chang) "Seen as you are all here, let's begin."

He begins by explaining the purpose of the meeting. He then stands up and walks over to a cabinet, where he takes out a file. Inside, are 6 desperate and unique contracts, all of which addressed to a different person.

He hands them out and gives them time to read.

"You may all read the contracts, when you are ready."

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