Chapter 23

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Narrator's POV

The day has come. Finally everything you have been working towards is about to become official. Your dream is about to become reality.

The meeting is set for 3:30 PM, Y/N is ready and waiting for Wahaj to arrive and take him to the JYPE building. Sitting apprehensively yet confidently, a text CES through. Looking over and taking your phone from the table, you see a message from Dahyun which comes as a pleasant surprise this early in the afternoon.


Dahyun: Hi, I wanted to wish you good luck for today. I hope everything goes well, I know it will. You deserve this. xx

Seen 14:47

Y/N: Thanks a lot, I'm really nervous but I'm looking forward to it too. xx

Seen 14:48

Her considerate message, gives you the reassurance you needed. The message, along with the kisses shows how well things are going between the two of you.

Finally, you receive another text. This time it is Wahaj who is waiting outside for you. You take your bag and head down to the car.

Y/N: "Good afternoon."

Wahaj: "Hi, are you alright?"

Y/N: "Yeah I'm doing well thanks."

On the way to the office, you discuss the meeting and how training has been going. When you arrive, you see Jisub who is waiting outside.

Y/N: "Thanks for the ride, I'll see you later!"

Wahaj: "Good luck!"

You walk over to Jisub and greet him.

Jisub: "Hey, I'm just waiting for Minho and Sungjin, they will be here soon."

Y/N: "Alright, I'll wait with you, we can go in together."

A short while later, the others arrive and you walk to the meeting room. When you enter, you see the rest of the trainees sat at the table with JYP and Mr Kang.

Mr Kang: "Welcome guys, you're right in time."

Everyone sits down and Mr Kang starts by explaining the meeting, in particular the contracts. JYP then takes over and talks about the group and it's aspirations.

JYP: "I know this group is going to flourish with your hard work and capabilities. All of you have worked incredibly hard and I know how much this means to you all."

Finally, he begins to focus on the contracts and presents each one to each named individual.

Your POV

There it is. Lying in front of me is my dream. My future. Eagerly, I pick it up and read through it thoroughly. As I read, something hits me. Something I had never thought about. Something which would ruin everything.

JYP: "I trust you are all happy with the terms, please sign at the bottom when you are ready."

Hesitantly, I take a pen and write my signature.

JYP: "Congratulations guys. You are now officially idols!"

The group cheer and celebrate, I smile back but I begin to feel worried.

Half an hour later, we all leave the studio. Naturally, we plan to celebrate.

(Jisub) "Let's party guys!"

(Doyoon) "Too right!"

(Sungjin) "What you thinking?"

(Shiwoo) "How about bulgogi?"

(Minho) "Sounds good to me."

(Y/N) "Yeah, let's go."

Hopefully celebrating will help me relax. Why do I feel so depressing after just signing the contract of my dreams?

We arrive at the restaurant and find the largest table. A rounded table with chairs all around is sat in the middle of the dining room. Quickly, everyone sits and orders their drinks. No surprises as Minho orders six bottles of soju. As the drinks arrive, everyone laughs and pours eachother a shot. We order six portions of bulgogi. Doyoon stands up and proposes a quick toast.

(Doyoon) "We've made it this far! Let's enjoy the night!"

Everyone raises their glasses, exchanging cheers then drinking.

As the night progresses, we all lose ourselves and enjoy the occasion. My worries are now drowned by alcohol.

Hours later, we call it a night as the restaurant closes. Wearily and half alive, we stumble down the street. Grasping onto eachother for support, we move as a unit.

(Jisub) "Y/N, why... Why don't you come back to our place for the night? There's plenty of room."

(Shiwoo) "Yeah, don't go home on your own."

(Y/N) "Yeah alright, thanks!"

After what feels like a marathon, we arrive at the dorms. Without hesitation, I collapse onto the couch where i lay for the rest if the night.

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