chapter 2

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Time skip-last period


You were in maths you aren't particularly good at it so you where just listening to music..

RING!! That was the bell I had to rush home due to having a job interview to help pay for the twice concert ticket.

You where walking to your locker to put your bag in before heading home when bang you fell to the floor.

??? POV

I was walking to my locker before going home when I walked into someone it was y/n

(???)"oh sorry y/n I was in a world of my own"

(Y/n)"it's fine Kai don't worry about it"

(Kai)"oh y/n did you here about the twice concert I've already go a VIP ticket!!"

Kais family is really rich his father is the CEO of a massive company so he doesn't have to worry or get a job to pay for the tickets

(Y/n)"oh that's cool I've got a job interview for today actually so I can pay for my ticket"

(Kai)" well good luck oh and is Alex getting tickets?"

(Y/n)"no he says he's saving up for when BTS come here again"

(Kai)"Okay well I'll get going now good luck with your interview"

(Y/n)"bye Kai!!"

Time skip- during the interview

Y/n's POV

(Interviewer)"so have you got any previous experiences in working in a job like this?"

(Y/n)"sorry sir this is my first interview for a job but as you can tell by my resermae I have had 100% attendance since starting my school with almost flying As in each subject if you hire me I promise I will do everything to my best of ability"

(Interviewer) "Okay so thanks for your time if you have got the job we will ring you to let you know thanks for your time and good luck y/n"

Hey author here I would just like to say thanks for reading my story so far I know the chapters are quite small and my spelling is quite bad but I will work on it

Lastly I would like to say if you have any ideas on how I can improve or add in the future please tell me it would be much appreciated :)

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