Chapter 29

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Narrator's POV


Two weeks to go until the debut stage at KBS' Music Bank.

A contrast in emotions between the two lovers.

This week is the beginning of Y/N's solo song production.

Your POV

I wake up, rearing to go and begin the production of my very own song. I've had a few ideas about how it will go. I begin by sitting at my desk and opening my note book.

I write the date at the top of my page: 3rd November. Sixteen days to go until the debut stage. I can't wait to show everyone what we have. I can't wait to sing my solo live. The perfect name for my song. 'Fate.'
I can incorporate the name of the group into my song. I want to write about my feelings. Since meeting Dahyun, she is always on my mind, nothing makes me happier than thinking about her, what she is doing and what we will do together. Her smile, her voice and her innocence makes me content and hopeful. For us to be together must be fate in itself.

I start to plan the lyrics, I want the song to represent how I feel about Dahyun. Hopefully it is something anyone in love should be able to relate with. A slow, acoustic based backing track will work best to go with the lyrics I write.

I spend the majority of the day writing, with occasional breaks in between for something to eat or a toilet break. Writing gives me a sense of freedom whilst somewhat possessing me.

When the time hits 8PM, I receive a message from Mr Kang.

Mr Kang: I trust you have been writing your solo song today, how is it going?

Seen 20:00

Y/N: Good evening sir. It's going really well! Would you like to see what I've written so far?

Seen 20:03

Mr Kang: Of course, let's see it.

Seen 20:03

Y/N: It's called 'Fate.'

Seen 20:04

Mr Kang: That's great! I'm happy that you included the group name.

Seen 20:04

I send him what I have written today.

Mr Kang: Wow, that's really good, it's powerful.

Seen 20:07

Y/N: Thank you, I'm glad that you like it.


We discuss the song together for a while as he gives me ideas, before telling me some huge news.

Mr Kang: I've got something to tell you which you might like.

Seen 20:09

Y/N: What is it?

Seen 20:09

Mr Kang: Come to the office tomorrow and you will see. Bring your song with you too.

Seen 20:10

Y/N: Alright, what time?

Mr Kang: come at 4.

Seen 20:10

Y/N: Ok, I'll see you there then.

Seen 20:11

Mr Kang: One more thing before I leave you to it. Your accommodation has been sorted out now so you will all be moving in to the dorms this Friday. You will have transport provided to take you and your belongings with you.

Seen 20:12

Y/N: That's great, thanks for letting me know.

Seen 20:13

Mr Kang: No worries, see you tomorrow.

Seen 20:13

I'm looking forward to moving in with the rest of the guys. As nice as this hotel room is, it doesn't feel like home.

I'm intrigued by what Mr Kang has in store for me tomorrow, it could be anything.

Narrator's POV

3:50PM the next day

You arrive at the JYPE building. Curiously and excitedly, you enter the foyer where you find Mr Kang.

(Mr Kang) "Ahh Y/N, how are you? Are you ready to find out what you are doing today?"

(Y/N) "Good afternoon, I'm good and yeah I am."

Mr Kang leads you to the elevator. You get out on the second floor and head to the music room.

(Mr Kang) "Here we are. Go in there, someone is waiting for you."

(Y/N) "Oh ok, thanks.

You knock on the door and hear a muffled voice shout back

(?) "Come in!"

You slowly open the door and like your head around it to look in. A man is sat down at a mixing deck. He looks up and signals you in.

(Y/N) "Hi, I'm..."

The man interrupts as you introduce yourself.

(JYP) "Yes, I know who you are Y/N."

(Y/N) "Oh my God!

Instantly, you are taken back as you see the face of the man in front of you.

(Y/N) "What's going on Sir?

(JYP) "I thought I could help you write your solo song."

(Y/N) "Really?!"

(JYP) "Yeah, I thought it would be a good project to work on together. I'd like to offer my knowledge. Is that ok?"

(Y/N) "Of course! It would be an honour Sir!"

He laughs as you freakout.

(JYP) "Sit down, let's start. Have you brought you're song?"

You take out your notepad from your bag, opening it up on to the relevant page; planting it on the table on front of him.

(JYP) "Great! How about you explain the song to me."

You describe the themes of the song and how you want it to be.

(JYP) "Love and relationships, are always a great theme to base a song on. I can see you're writing about something personal."

(Y/N) "Yeah I am, is it good?"

(JYP) "It's really good so far."

JYP explains how I feels the song could be improved and how to carry it on. You spend a while drafting lyrics. Eventually you finish the song. The two of you repeatedly read over the lyrics, singing into eachother as you Go along.

(JYP) "This is going really well. The song is unique and definitely shows you're speaking from experience. We can work on the backing track tomorrow."

(Y/N) "Tomorrow?"

(JYP) "Yeah.."

(Y/N) "Great! Definitely!"

You check your phone for the first time that night. 9:26PM. You had been working for over five hours in total.

(JYP) "Let's call it a night. You've worked well today. Come back at the same time tomorrow."

You leave the studio after saying goodbye.

Your POV

Wow. I did not expect to be working with JYP today. What an honour! Writing a song with one of the most famous producers in the industry! I'm surprised by how easy he is to work with too. I always knew he was fun and passionate, but his enthusiasm really shocked me. He really knows how to create music.


Y/N really has potential. I could see just how invested he is in his music. He definitely has the creativity and ability to become a huge star.

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