Chapter 8

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(Unknown) "Welcome"
I enter the room and greet two men who are sat at the end of a long table.
(Y/N)"Hello, I am Y/N it's good to meet you"
After looking up, I am suddenly shocked to see who is sat there.
(JYP) "Please take a seat"
It's him! Park Jin-young! I freeze in place momentarily, before acknowledging him and sitting down across from him. To his left, is Mr Chang.
(Mr Chang) "it's good to see you again Y/N"
We exchange looks and I give him an awkward smile. Nerves had finally hit me, I am about to be interviewed by JYP.

Narrator's POV

JYP begins by explaining his plans with scouted trainees such as yourself.
(JYP) "As you know, you have been chosen by Mr Chang, to be introduced into a new project we have been working on, here at JYP Entertainment."
Mr Chang then takes over and explains the project.
(Mr Chang) "That's right. JYPE are currently working on the addition of a new K-Pop Male idol group. The group will be made up from 6 members include yourself.
After scouting you for a while now, I have become familiar with your key assets and skills in relation to music. Your rapping skills are unique and tasteful. I believe you have what it takes to stand out from other idols and make a name for yourself. Furthermore, I have also taken notice of your passion and love of music, I believe this will make you a great potential for the leader role within the group."

Your POV

Me? A leader? I can't believe what I am being told right now.
(Y/N) "Thank you for believing in me"


I like this kid. He is clearly grateful for this opportunity. I respect that from my trainees.

Narrator's POV

After explaining the situation, JYP presents Y/N with a contract.
(JYP) "Here is your proposed contract, you will not have to sign it at this moment but you may take a look at it first."

Your POV

There it is. My dream. Written down on a piece of paper. My future. It is surreal. I read the contract and analyse it. After reading through it I tell them I am happy with the terms and conditions.
(JYP) "we will arrange another meeting, in the meantime, you can stay at the hotel until living arrangements are sorted out after all recruitment has been completed."
(Y/N) "Thank you so much"
Mr Chang rises and escorts me to the door, showing me out and wishing me luck.
(Mr Chang) "You've done a great job, everything is going to work out well, good luck."

Narrator's POV

Y/N leaves the Interview room and heads to the elevator. He is then met by Wahaj after entering the lobby, who hands him a bottle of water.


That couldnt have gone any better. I am going to be in a K-Pop group. Even better, the leader of the group too. I can't wait to sign the contract...

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