Chapter 18

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Narrator's POV

You wake up to your phone ringing. As you sit up, you are hit by a horrifying hangover. How long where you drinking for last night? How did you even get home?

You roll over to get to your phone. As you pick it up, the call ends. You open the contact and see it was Dahyun.

You quickly message her.


Y/N: Hi, sorry I missed your call, how are you?

Seen 11:27

Dahyun: I'm fine thanks, I just wanted to see how you are.

Seen 11:28

Y/N: Oh thanks, I'm good

Seen 11:28

Dahyun: I was going to ask about tomorrow as well.

Seen 11:29

Dahyun: We can meet in the park again, is 4 fine with you?

Seen 11:29

Y/N: Sure, that's alright for me.

Seen 11:29

Dahyun: Great, it will give us plenty of time and we can eat afterwards.

Seen 11:30

Y/N: Sounds good to me.

Seen 11:30

Time skip to the following day

The clock hits 3 PM and you set off to meet Dahyun in the park. You're packed with everything you will need. 30 minutes later, you arrive and find a bench to sit at.

5 minutes away, Dahyun is walking until she bumps into a familiar face.

(Bang Chan) "Dahyun! Hey!"

(Dahyun) "Oh hey, what are you doing here?"

(Bang Chan) "I was just taking a walk, what are you up to today?"

(Dahyun) "I'm going to Bukhansan with Y/N."

(Bang Chan) "Oh... Ok, that sounds like fun"

Bang Chan's POV

Wait what? Is he taking her on a date. Only couples go to Bukhansan together.

(Bang Chan) "Did he ask you to go there with him?"

(Dahyun) "No, I asked him."

Why would she take him to Bukhansan unless she likes him? Surely she doesn't, she can do far better than Y/N!

(Bang Chan) "Oh."

(Dahyun) "Is everything ok?"

(Bang Chan) "Yeah."

I should stay with her, maybe if I stay she will forget about Y/N.

Narrator's POV

The two wait together, they find a bench and sit down. Around the corner is Y/N who is waiting for Dahyun to arrive.

Dahyun sends you a message, letting you know she is sat down around the corner from the bench you agreed to meet at.

After seeing the text, you make your way over to her.

Your POV

After a few minutes, I turn the corner and see Dahyun sat down. As I get closer, I see her talking with another man. I stop walking and try to make out who she is with.

Bang Chan! I notice his bleach blonde hair from a distance. What is he doing here? And why is he with Dahyun? What is he trying to do?

I see them laughing and joking together. Dahyun hits his arm playfully. I can't watch this!

Narrator's POV

Feeling betrayed and furious, Y/N storms away. On the bench, remains Dahyun and Bang Chan, who are both still laughing.

The time reaches 5 past 4. Dahyun checks her phone and sees the time. She texts you asking if you are coming.


Dahyun: Hey, are you on your way? I'm, still sat around the corner.

Seen 4:07 PM

You leave the text on seen as you turn your phone off. Another 5 minutes pass and Dahyun begins to question of you are going to turn up.

(Dahyun) "Where is he? He has seen my messages."

(Bang Chan) "Maybe he isn't coming. He clearly doesn't care, otherwise he would be on time!"

(Dahyun) "I'm not sure, he seemed really eager to go this morning."

(Bang Chan) "Well he isn't here now."

They wait another 10 minutes, still Y/N does not turn up and Dahyun becomes impatient.

(Dahyun) "He isn't going to turn up is he?"

(Bang Chan)"No!"

Bang Chan attempts to make Dahyun angry with you.

(Bang Chan) "How about we go together instead? Y/N obviously doesn't care about you!"

(Dahyun) "Urmm, I'm not sure..."

Dahyun feels uncomfortably with Bang Chan's forward contact. She begins to worry about you.

Dahyun's POV

I really wanted to go with Y/N. I was hoping something could happen between us. I don't want to spend the day with Bang Chan.

(Bang Chan) "Why not? It will be fun."

(Dahyun) "I just don't think Bukhansan is a suitably place for us to go together."

(Bang Chan) "So howcome you wanted to go with Y/N?"

I don't know how to answer his question. What do I say? I can't tell him I have feelings for Y/N. What if he tells someone and it gets out?

(Dahyun) "It doesn't matter."

(Bang Chan) "Is there something going on between you two?"

(Dahyun) "What? Of course not!"

(Bang Chan) "Then how is it any different going with me instead?"

(Dahyun) "I just don't feel like it..."

(Dahyun) "I'm going to go, have a good day."

(Bang Chan) "Hang on..."

Narrator's POV

Dahyun leaves the bench quickly, and briskly walks away. Feeling worried and confused, she takes out her phone and tries ringing you. The call goes straight to voicemail.

The two of you return home, you back to the hotel and Dahyun, back to the dorms. You violently slam the door behind you causing the paintings on the wall to shake. You sit down on the couch and throw your head into your hands. In the dorms, Dahyun goes to her room and lies on the bed. She begins to feel overwhelmed and starts to cry. Chaeyoung enters the room and sees her.

(Chaeyoung) "*Gasp* Dahyun Unnie, are you ok? Why are you crying, what happened?"

She rushes over and hugs her from behind. Dahyun turns over and sits up. She mutters a sentence, whilst struggling to clear her throat. A few years roll down her eyes and collect around her chin.

(Dahyun) "I think something has happened to Y/N."

(Chaeyoung) "Like what?"

(Dahyun) "I'm not sure, we were supposed to go out today, we were both at the park, but he never showed up. He read my message but now his phone is off and I can't get in touch with him. I'm really worried!"

Chaeyoung brings Dahyun closer to her and hugs her again, comforting her.

(Chaeyoung) "He will be ok, don't worry."

She wipes the tears away from Dahyun's eyes and hugs her again.

Meanwhile, back at the hotel you are still slouched on the couch feeling angry and depressed.

Your POV

I've lost! I don't know what to do anymore. Who does he think he is? And I can tell she likes him too. Was she just playing with my feelings on purpose?

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