Chapter 30 - Happy birthday part 1

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Guess who's birthday I forgot today!


I completely have been stressing out over the week that I have forgotten my own birthday I'm I'm finnaly 17 years old! In the UK I can start driving now I hope Michael will let me have some driving lessons.

I woke up and didn't see Michael in bed but I smelt some lovely bacon, eggs, waffles and other things! I really don't know what else but I'm going down.

As I came down I saw balloons and happy birthday banners...

He didn't forget...he's so sweet.

"Oh my gosh Michael you know what!"

He turnt around and looked at me

'Whats up birthday girl?'

"I forgot my birthday is today" I said going up to him and watching him cook.

'Really?! Well you've got surprises in your way today' Michael switched the fire of and turnt to me

"Don't make me excited babe" He gave my a kiss and slapped by butt I laughed and he kissed my neck.

I find it so cute. I mean you know both of us. He's so sexy and tall and I'm just so short to him I love that.

'Oh what's that?' Michael got a box from behind me and handed it to me.

"Oh please..." I looked at it and he smiled.

'Your first birthday present hunny' He looked at me while I opened it

It was a key...a key to what?

"What the key for?" He shrugged his shoulder and walked of getting the food and plates out.

"What's with him?" Well thank God there isn't any school today I get a rest in.

I went upstairs and started to strip and get ready to take my shower

Charlie's mom POV

I looked at the clock then back at's my daughters birthday today...shall I call or what? After she left yesterday and I was about it say sorry..

'Okay babe I'll post it through their door' He said

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