Chapter 13 - Why you wanna trip on me?

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Today is our last day in Florida, I really am gonna miss the rides and the new friends I made at the park. But oh well.

My bags are already packed up and my room looks pretty empty. I get my video camera out and start recording

"Well, bye bye Florida*waves*Im gonna miss you" I say and stop the recording. I make my way down the hall with my suitcase and knock on Rhianna's door. She opens with a big smile and I walk in.

"Sorry, I didn't want to stay in by myself" I say sitting on her bed.

'Oh my gosh! Guess whaaaat' She says coming over and sitting next to me on the bed

"What?" I start giggling to myself. She shows me her phone and it's a picture...of what!

Michael and Ms Toll kissing..... Hell nooo...

"OH MY GOSH!" I shout. She starts laughing. Oh yeh she doesn't know about our relationship..

'Oh my don't worry I had the same reavtion' I pretend to laugh and shake my head.

"I'm so damn jealous girl" I say looking at her. She laughs.

When I see that Michael he's gonna find out..

"Babe send that picture to me" I tell her and she instantly does.

I look it at my phone...what! His hands are around her hips and everything!

I swear....oh my gosh..


We was on the airplane by now and Michael and I haven't spoken all day...he's been trying so hard but everytime he tries I just air time him.

Well I was sitting by myself by the window and I just looked at the beautiful land. I lay my head back and take a quick nap.


We reached back to school and I got out the coach and got my suitcase...well I know Adam wouldn't take me..I don't really want to ask him so I start making my way down the road. I place my headphones in and listen to some music.

Well by now I was half way from home and I saw Michael's car slow down...great.

I heard him honk the horn but I pretended I couldn't hear him. He honked it and honked it oh lord God..

"WHAT DO YOU WANT?" I shouted at him, he looked at me and raised his eyebrow.

' you want a lift?' He said softly out the window while still driving.

"NO" I replied with a shout again.

'Whats wrong babe..speak to me' He said.

"UGH GO AWAY, YOU 2 TIMER" I said and walked of from Michael.

I taught he was still going to pest me but no he didn't surprisingly...


I reached home and no one was in..okay. Welp what a nice welcome home Charlie.

I dropped my suitcase in my room and changed of into some jogging trousers and a crop top. I ran down and got into the fridge and got out some juice.

I went on my phone and looked at the picture again and cried to myself. I zoomed into Michael and looked at that sexy face...that could of been me and him though..

Michael's POV

I'm not going to give up on someone I truly love...

I parked my car and walked over to Charlie's house and knocked on the door.

I heard some footsteps and the door opened.

She looked at me and closed the door but I held it with my foot.

'Let me come in please' I said..she opened the door and walked of, I looked at her butt as it was mmm..

"Yes okay...what you want" She said crossing her legs on the coach while on her phone. I looked at her and her bushy cute

'Whats wrong?' I asked her she looked up at me and put her phone out?

'whats that?' I asked..

"Why don't you take the phone...and look" She said. I took it from her and saw...oh my gosh..

'how did you get this?' I asked, she shrugged..

"Well explain then?" She said crossing her arms looking at me.

'Well... I can't really explain anything Charlie..she made the first move and I stopped her cause I have you' She did a plastic smile and looked back down and fiddled with her fingers.

I looked at her phone and dialed my number.

"What you doing?" She asked.

'Giving you my number' I said she nodded her head.

'Do you me?' She looked at me.

"Yes Michael of course I do, BUT YOU KISSED ANOTHER PERSON" She said starting of sarcastically and in the end shouting.

'Im sorry Charlie..' I said getting up to give her a hug. She surprisingly hugged me back. I have her a kiss on her cheek and she kindbof moved away from me.

"Baby, why wanna trip on me?" She said, I sat next to her and she held my hand.

'I... I... I'm so sorry Charlie please forgive me' I said. She looked at me

"Why... why?? why? Isit just human nature Michael?" She said. I looked down at her.

I really had nothing to say..I really didn't mean it...I really didn't...

I looked at her and reached for her lips. She kissed back.

"Mmm" She said. I got deeper into the kiss and she got ontop of me.

During the kiss...the door unlocked...

"Oh shit Michael!" Charlie said buttoning her top up.

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