Chapter 26 - New places

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"Hi.. My names Charlie... Charlie Williams.. I'm 16 17 this year...I'm pregnant about a week now.." I sat back down and everyone clapped.

'Okay stand up again..Charlie' The teacher repeated. I tried so hard not to grunt and I got up and he smiled.

'Right, build some confidence and tell us...your amazing time having sex' He said.

Oh my this a joke or for real?!

"Is this a joke or erm..."

All the girls where laughing and smiled.

Why me? Why do I have to be picked out from everyone?

"Right... first it really hurt cause I was a virgin..then I guess the end result felt good" I shrugged and he laughed in amazement.

"Can I erm sit?"

'No Charlie keep standing' He smiled? Great I slowly sat back down and he eyed me.

He's so funny...just imagen Michael doing this would be great but annoying at some point!

'Anyways name is Mr Lake and I will be your form tutor' He said looking over at me smiling... I smiled back.


It's lunch now and I've already had English and I'm sitting next to a girl my age and she's already 2 months pregnant.

'Remind me your name again?' She asked...I even forgot her name to be honest haha.

"Charlie and yours?"

'Oh that's it! Love that name! My name is Candy'

"Oh nice, you get teased?" She laughed and nodded her head.

'So how did your boyfriend react when you was pregnant?'

"Well...the night we had sex we was sleeping then I remembered he didn't use a condom!"

Candy kind of laughed and put her hands on her face.

"So in the morning I asked him...did you use a condom? He knew and we went docs and yeh...he was okay with it"

'Oh! So who's place did you make out? Your place?' I shook my head

"No.. His place"

'Oh haha guessing his parents went at home then?' I laughed nervously.

"Yeh..they weren't in we was home alone" I smiled.

Candy picked up her plate and got up, I got up with her and we made our way outside where the sun was shining and  nature was just living.

"So what's your boyfriend like? How did he react?" She laughed

'He.. Ugh he's such a dick head. He broke up with me as soon as I told him, now I'm looking at being a single mother' She smiled and just looked out.

"Well, he's a dick ayh" I laughed and she laughed too.

'I mean just having a friend now you can come over any time...just tell your mother'  I nodded knowing I'm not even living with my mom anymore.

"That's cool, well by the way...I  don't even live with my mom anymore so I'll come over any time mate" I cleared of. She looked at me with a perplexed face.

'How comes?'

"Long day I'll tell you" She nodded and we got up again hearing the bell, that means we need to be in lesson.


I walked to the sofa and turnt the TV on. It's so quiet without Michael here. But I know as soon as our child is here on earth it won't be..I wonder how Michael is going to sort our work and so much! I wonder if he actually is going to take me to America to see his family...what if his family doesn't like me?

I watch the television with pizza next to me, I'm such a nice girlfriend I kept some in the oven for him.

I took a bite if my pepperoni pizza and flicked over to mtv catfish.

"Oh I love this show" I said to myself, I got comfortable and started watching.

Michael's POV

I can't wait to go home and sleep with Charlie. But just thinking about how work is going to be when I give birth, I'm thinking maybe saving up for holiday and surprise Charlie on going to America.

'Alright goodnight Mr Jackson' a student said getting up.

"Good, I don't like giving out detentions so do your homework next time" She nodded and disappeared out quickly.

I packed up all my work stuff, thank God that I marked up the books and I left the room and walked over to the principles office.


'Come in,  doors opened' I walked in and he looked up from his phone.

'Going home?' I nodded.

"Yeh going home now, I'll see you tomorrow hopefully" I smiled, she smiled back and I made my way out.


Charlie's mom POV

I wish I never said that to Charlie, knowing my daughter she might not come back and forgive me.

'Oh baby I know you really love your daughter just try explain to her your sorry' Paul smiled holding Grace and feeding her milk from the bottle.

"I know, she won't listen! I've called her phone so many times and she's not answering, I've even called her boyfriends phone"

'Yes babe, that's cause you caller him be honest if you called me gay I wouldn't anewer' He explain smiling.

"True...but I was drunk"

'Stop giving excuses and say sorry' Paul said straight up and looked down st Grace who was just looking at him straight.

I sighed and picked up my phone and started to dial Charlie's number.



'Pass the phone' He dialed the number till it went to Voicemail.

'Hi Charlie, my name is Paul, your mother's boyfriend. I just wanted to ask if it's okay of your free anytime to come around to speak to your mother? I know I shouldn't be talking for her. But she's really sorry and also to your boyfriend Michael, you know she was drunk she was mad, so please contact back as soon as you can...thank you' He cut of and handed the phone to me and turnt the TV on.

"Thank you babes.." He huffed and continued to pain attention to the television. I got up and made myself some pepperoni pizza, as Charlie always liked.

Charlie's POV

Michael rubbed my belly and ate his pizza.

"I'm still hungry I want some of yours"


"Please" I rolled my eyes and Michael fed me his pizza.

'I really want stop teaching for a while when our child is born'

"Yeh...I was thinking about that today" I said he eyed me and gave a kiss on my lips.

"If I wasn't pregnant I would totally fuck you again baby" I said laughing. He laughed too of words he didn't know what to say.

'Im lost of words baby I really am'

I laughed, and saw my mom left a voicemail. Maybe I should listen to it tomorrow.. I miss her, oh yes I also wonder how Paige is getting on. Since she gave birth she hasn't called or anything.

I looked at Michael and he gave a kiss on my cheek, I really love him. I hope nothing will break us apart.

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