Chapter 29 - Family Dinner

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Well im glad school is over and today is the dinner with my sister and her boyfriend. I think maybe my mom will be there with her boyfriend... If she is I think there will be a little commotion.

I'm so happy that Michael comes home early again today so we get to go to this family dinner.

"Well you know I think I'll just wear my maxi dress, nothing to fancy" I said, he nodded and he changed into some jeans and a white t shirt.

'Nice?' I got up and gave him a little kiss on the lips

"Always nice babe" He smiled and got his car keys and phone and also wallet.

I got my little bag and just sat down on the sofa and waited for him abit while he went to the toilet and did his business.

'Alright let's go' He said coming back about 2 minutes later.

We got outside into the car and starter making our journey.

'You know where she lives? Michael said.

"Your funny... No, but I've got the address" I said putting it on my Google maps on my phone.

'Turn left' The lady on the phone said.


About 30 minutes later we arrived at my sister house, I'm surprised she hasn't got a flat! It's like a proper house, it looks beautiful from the outside but what about the inside?

'Ready babe?' I nodded, unbukled my seatbealt and got out the car

Michael locked the car and came to hold hands with me as we walked to her door step. I rang the bell and I immediately heard footsteps coming.

'Hey Charlie!' My sister gave me a big hug than one to Michael.

'Come in oh my gosh! Take of your shoes then go into the living room and chill' My sister said walking of somewhere into the house.

Michael and I took our shoes of and went into the living room seeing all kind of baby toys on the floor.

'This will be us soon babes' Michael said laughing his head of.

"I know...but chill a bit babes its a bit wierd knowing your my teacher and 5 years older than me..." I said trailing off

Michael's POV

When Charlie just said that I was quiet surprised.. Doesn't she like the age gap? Or she doesn't like the idea of me being older or what?

Instead I didn't say anything I left the air hanging in silence.

She walked of into the house and I sat back looking at the TV what was on and nothing really I think its just some baby programs.

What's up with Charlie? She's never like this at all?

Her sister Paige came into the room and gave me a hug.

'Oh my gosh Michael how are you doing?' She said sitting next to me

"Nothing really much, still teaching and looking after your little sister" I said and she smiled again

'wow that's great! I've got a project for you! While we get the food and table ready why don't you look after my little on okay? Since your becoming a daddy' She laughed and I laughed too

I nodded and she got up and went into the next room

She came back with the baby and her boyfriend.

"Right thank you" She handed me her little baby and I think I was holding her properly

'Hey man, nice to meet you' Her boyfriend said

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