Chapter 7 - It was an accident

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As we are all here in the hotel already I'm happy that things are going well...VERY WELL...Even though I might be a little tired form a whole 10 hours journey in total.

Michael is next door to me and Adam and the girls are opposite's really fun. The girls are coming round to our room for a midnight feast. Then we planned to get Courtney and Adam to chat.

"Oi oi oi!" I said jumping on Adam and he laughed.

He was laying on the bed and I was ontop of him.

'This is what you should be doing to Michael not me' Adam said and I laughed.

"Okay fiiine" I started to hump Adam and made fake sex noises.

"Uhhh..... Ughhh.....Yehh.... Ughhh.... that's it baby....Yessss" I started to laugh and got of him. As I got of he pulled me back down and kissed my cheek.

'Nothing ment' I laughed and this time got up and went through my bag.

"Actually I'm gonna stay in these clothes" I say turning to Adam who's on his phone. Uh what evs I'm gonna go to Mr Jackson's room next door.

I walk out and knock on hid door.

He opens the door and stands there.

'Hello Charlie' He says. I walk straight in his room and take a seat on his bed.

'Well okay your welcome to come in my room' He said.

"Yes I know I am welcomed... I'm always" I said.

"Why you isolating yourself from me Sir" I said patting my hand on his bed. He sat down next to me.

'Well... are you okay Charlie?' He asked fiddling with his fingers

"Yes I'm fine..are you?" I said looking at him he nodded.

"Can I have a hug from you? I love your hugs" I asked and he reached his arms around me and I felt safe whenever holding him.

"You know sir?" I said

'Mhmm' He responded while still hugging me.

"I... I...I feel safe whenever you hug your a man that father use to do this but I don't get it that much" I explained to Michael.

He went silent for a minute and then sighed.

'I know... that's why I care so much for you...I know what your going though Charlie' We still was in the hug but we looked at eachother for a minute

We got closer...and closer..... but then I stopped.

"I'm so sorry sir.... I didn't mean-"

'Its okay in sorry to-'

"I'll see you later sir" I cut him of and walked out his room..

Now things are gonna be awkward with us...but in a way I wanted us to kiss.. why didn't I kiss him!?

I knocked on my door. Now thoughs are running thorough my mind like crazy..

I think I'm have a crush on my teacher....

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