Chapter 3 - Doctor

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I wasn't really feeling myself today I didnt know why. I was looking at myself in the mirror. I decided to take a quick shower before going school so I stripped of and steeped in the steaming water.


As I walked into the school I looked at the people around me and it seemed that I was different from everyone else. I stopped by at Mr Jackson's classroom and didn't even bother to knock.

'Charlie? Everything okay?' He said getting up from whatever he was doing.

I shook my head"No"

'whats up? Speak to me' He said.

"I don't know what's wrong with me today but I feel different and wierd like I'm ill" He looked at me and felt my head.

'Your temperature is doing fine' He said.

'If you feel like that I can take you to the doctors... trust me the school nurse is crap' He said. I laughed a bit and he smiled at me.

"Thank you sir" I said as I sat down where I was yesterday.

'Its okay Charlie, meet me here at the end of the day so we can go' He said. I smiled and acctually couldn't wait to travel with him.


The days gone really fast and I went straight to Mr Jackson's room and waited for him. He was all ready standing up near his desk with his little bag.

'Ready?' He asked. I smiled and he opened up the door for me.

'So what do you think it could be?' He asked as he opened the car door for me and I sat in. Waiting for him to sit in his drivers seat.

"I don't know it's just today that's this happened" I said. He nodded and started the engine.

'Dont mind me asking but are you on TOM?' He said already on the road.

"No I missed it" I said looking at him and he looked back.

'Charlie?' He said doing some next pop eye thing at me.

"I'm not pregnant.. I haven't had sex only touch up and kissing business" I said He laughed. I can't belive I'm coming out to my male teacher that I use to hate so much.

"Sir you promise not to tell anyone this...I trust you" I said looking out the window so I can avoid eye contact..

'Charlie pinky swear' He said holding his pinky out and I wrapped my pinky around his.

So we got to the doctors and came out together and walked inside. We got to the receptionist.

'Hello how can I help you for today?' The Lady asked.

"I'm feeling a bit sick and unusual today so I wanted to have a check up" I said and looked at Mr Jackson after and he smiled at me.

'Okay what's your name please'

"Charlie Williams" I said.

'Okay take a seat in the waiting room. It shouldn't be that long to wait'

"Thanks" I said waking of with Mr Jackson to a spot.

"Can you come in with me?...please" I asked and nodded and kept looking around.

- 30 minutes later -

'Charlie Williams please?' The man shouted from the room and I got up and walked over to the room and held the door for Mr Jackson.

'please take a seat the doctor said' We sat down

'So what can I help you with today?' He asked.

"Well. when I woke up I was feeling strange I wasn't feeling well..but I am well and I don't have any high temperatures also I've missed my period..I'm not pregnant" I say and cross my legs after that.

'Okay so when you missed your period.. do you get that alot or never'

"No its my first time" He nodded and typed some stuff on his computer.

'Are you sexualy active.. but don't have sex? so you kiss guys and touch?' He asked. I nodded. He nodded his head again and typed things again. I looked over and Me Jackson and we just looking at me. He was kind of slumped back in his chair with his hands in his pockets and he was biting his lip. Wow not gonna lie man was looking hella sexy though...

'Okay so when's the last time you've kissed a guy or he's touched you up?'

"Like 3 weeks ago"

'Okay so it's nothing to do with you sexualy active but be careful the boy can carry hiv. the matter hear is that your body is preparing it's self for your be prepared' He said I smiled and stood up.

"Thank you" I said walking out but Mr Jackson stayed.

'hold on I'm going to ask the doctor something.' He said so I waited outside

Mr Jackson's POV

"Doctor can I have some condoms please?" I ask. He got to his draw and took a bunch of them out.

'Are you sexualy active sir?' He asked I shook my head.

"No I haven't had sex before but Im hopping it's soon going to come" I say.

'Alright mate good luck with that' He said. I slid the condoms in my pocket and saw Charlie standing by the door to go.

'Thanks for taking my sir' He said I smiled

"Call me Michael" I say and she smiled

We got into the car and I buckled my belt on and looked and Charlie.. I'm not gonna lie she is pretty and lovely but I try hard to remember she's my student...even though I have never had any sexual relationships before she could teach me...

'Michael where we off to now I don't wanna go home. I know my parents might be arguing and all that' She says I think for a moment she can't really come to my place...

"Well you can't really come to my place so do you want to get something to eat then I'll drop you off home?" I say and she nods her head

we make our way to tinseltown to eat and I feel her eyes on me the whole journey.

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