Chapter 19 - Visit

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I wake up just remembering I'm still at Michael's house. I turn to my left and see Michael looking at me.

"Morning" I say looking at him.

'You okay?' He said kissing my lips

"Yeh seriously I just need to take my shower"

I get out of bed and Michael pulled me back in

"Oh no baby I feel dirty" I say he kisses my neck and starts rubbing on my boobs.

'Its okay I'll shower you' I finally got my way out of his grip and looked at him as he was topless.

"Don't shower me" I grabbed my towel and walked into the bathroom

I did my business and smelt eggs bacon and beans..mmm lovely. I set my things in Michael's room and walked downstairs seeing Michael cooking.

'had a nice shower without me?' He started to pretend crying. I shrugged and walked up to him and wrapped my arms around him.

"No not really.. Michael we need to bang first then you can shower me"

'Well... we nearly banged yesterday night' I looked at him and he started to laugh

"Yea we did...but I didn't feel right to do it yet" He switched of the pan and set the eggs on a plate.

'Well baby.. whenever you feel right'

'i won't rush you to anything' He said laying the food on the table.


We finished our food and I did the washing up and Michael was clearing up the room.

About 20 mins later I finished the washing and went up to see Michael reading some students books.

"Oh Mr Jackson your marking?" I asked sitting on the bed next to him. He shook his head.

'No I'm just re caping some stuff I'll mark downstairs at the table

I looked at the book and it was Samantha... there's another Diva that's spoilt.

"Oh I hate her" I say stabbing her name with my finger. Michael laughed.

'Why Charlie?'

"She hates me so I return the same"

My phone rings and I see it's my mom..

"Hiya mom"

'Darling everything fine?'

"Yeh I'm good just finish breakfast"

'oh okay Michael with you?'

"Yup banging him now" My mom laughed and Michael laughed too. He grabbed the phone from me

'Ms Williams nooo we haven't banger yet' Michael clarified. I laughed and looked inbetween his legs he squeezed my breast and winked.

'alright I will do, goodbye' Michael hanged up and gave my phone to me

'Why you said that?' Michael pulled me onto his lap

"Cause I DO wanna bang you, wanna bounce of you hard and harder and if I get a change suck that thing and you lick me" I say he licks his lips and pulls me into a kiss.

'Why not now?' He says into my ears. I kiss him more as he lies ontop on me. He bites onto my lips and there's a knock at the door.

'Ugh!  Who's that?' Michael shouts and kisses my lips again.

'Mrs Williams..' I got up and rolled of him and fixed my self up

"How the hell does my mom know where your yard is man?"

'I... I don't know?' He said fixing his sexy curls.

"Okay I'll stay here in the living room" He nodded and went to open the door

I saw my mom come in with little Grace, I just looked at her and she did that smile I hate that smile.

"What are you doing here mom?" I said as Michael came to sit next to me

'I don't know Charlie....I...I really miss your father and I'm off work to look after Grace today' She came and sat down Michael looked at me and went away.

"Mom look you did what you taught was best?" She nodded

"Well what would you do? Stay with dad and cause trouble everyday?"


"Exactly so mom don't worry, God's got it all in control" She looked over at Grace

'well baby girl...your right you know, so you Michael had a good night?' I nodded and smiled

"You know mom? I love him so much.. " She smiles and laughs

"Oh my gosh.... what!!"

'my little girl catching feelings for her teacher!'

I roll my eyes and laugh.


Later on my mom left and decided to go to my dad's and let him see Grace.

Meanwhile I'm still and Michael's house munching on some dumplings, fritters and puff puff's(yess African-Caribbean food man!)

'Oh I heard what you said to your mom' He smiled. I looked at him and laughed

"Well it's true?" He leaned over and kissed my lips

'I love you too baby girl' He smiled and ate an fritter.


Later on into the night we was in bed talking.

"I wanna make love tomorrow" Michael looked at me and looked at my lips.

'okay baby...' He wrapped me around his arms under the duvet and kissed my head.

eventually I heard Michael breathing softly.

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